Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~ oh yeh its gone ~

Dont think ill get much of seeing places or enjoying the break im getting. i have to stay bed ridden for sometime now, dont know for how long though. suffering from ankle arthritis on both ankles.

Hey Angel doc - any idea how long i wud have to taking rest. so much for a break n holiday on no pay.

but i guess this was meant to happen one of these days.

so how has rest for the bloggers been?!?!

just thought i'd drop a line on the update.

Friday, August 21, 2009

~ going going gooonneee ~

Well not yet. I'm still in sl :P will be leaving in a while, with just my laptop n my clothes. I so love travelling alone compared to accompanying my mom. Her min luggage is 3 baggages. I use to hate it when i had to travel with her. Now i get her the tickets n drop her at the airport.. I never book my tickets for the same flight :D MEAN SON i'm u may say.. >:) tooo bad.

oh btw the planned surprise has been spoiled by someone. i'm yet to find out the culprit and have some of my fist(if only i can give tht in real).

Going to be flying Kingfisher, lets see if all the haa hoo meets my standards. yet to see a airhostess who make me drop dead right on spot, then n there. will i be lucky atleast this time.. :(

Does anyone need anything.. :)..

This is turning out to be most expensive holiday im taking, since im going on NO PAY. Hope its all worth it, and i need one.. havent done a holiday in 3yrs. No wonder im so cranky n uptight.

so you'll ppl, do drop by. might upload pics and short news flashes... take care n love to all.....i think im already high on the thought im going on a holiday.. :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

~ recent things ~

I think this post shud go as the part II of this post. Cos thats what i've been so far, or maybe i have too many things running in my head and only with 4hrs of sleep my energy is drained out and im like a walking zombie. I think i need to go see a doc..not this DOC, though i think she would be good too :P hehehe. Seriously lacking sleep and having to wake up at 2.30 in the morning just adds on to that. Finally i thought i had enough of this and I did quit ma work, thought of going unemployed for a little while and get my own lil teeeny weeeny business venture up n running. But the company wanted me to stay back(after accepting my resignation) to go into the technical division with alot of red tapes and pay cut. i also needed a paycheck for the start up cash :D. so i have to put up with the lack of sleep and drained out health issues, pay cut when i move to technical division for couple of months or so or a miracle doc needs to come save me to help me have it all :D i know no one can have it al.

That being said, im still experimenting with my new toys. Shud post some pics once have somethin i can really post up without having to make myself look stupid n embarrass myself.. :D

Also might be gettin a break from everything for 2 weeks. A holiday(after 3yrs), hopefully i'd get ma passport in time, that is on or before thursday!! flying away to India on friday.. hope i dont jinx it.. :( be back in couple of weeks. got a wedding & mommy is turning 50. she doesnt know i'm coming :D heheh another heart attack for her..whoooppppyyy...its suppose to be a surprise.. and hopefully it stays tht wy. I wonder if i even want to get to 50?!?!? tht seeems like eternity to me. We've had our differences, but its hey its still mommy. she wud be herself.. and i would be me. so hopefully everything goes to plan.

just wanted to drop in and say hi... what have you folks been upto? had a good weekend?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

~ 24 - II ~

So yes, this years celebration was actualy lack thereof :-(. Was sick since wednesday, so didnt have the energy to do anything. Was working on my birthday, sick, working and was pushed really over the edge. Couldnt take it anymore, called in sick the next day. Rested it off.. the best part of the bad start of my b'day weekend ended with gifts from few friends collectively.. im still awed!!
G-pen 450 & Lide 100

Apparently its not for me.. :D its for the business im working on my own. A big help from my friends. Thanks boys & grls. :D

Setting the toys aside, like i said, one of the low key birthday's i've had. No clubbing, no drinking, and wht not.. :( DULL is not the word..cant wait to get ma cut, put ma shoes and get those red sweatshirts out.. ;-)

hope everyone else had a good weekend..more work(tshirts you might/might not see in stores) to be posted soon.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

~ 24 ~

ok.. here i go again. another boring post. havent been really able to write anything at al. only writing that i do is in a chat window and work i guess :D.

leaving aside my boring work life, and social too :P just turned 24, well its abt 6 hrs since i turned. hehee..i know lame post!!

question? i was thinking about someone last night, just before i was closing my eyes, things were running in my mind about how much she talks death is more easier than what she went through and going. slept off. woke up to check for msgs if anyone left any offline msgs. there she is, after a long time, left a offline, to say "i had a bad dream about you, please take care of yourself" & wishes for my b'day.. and im like shocked..and i didnt know wht to say... im still tryin to figure out...

4msgs n 2 pre b'day wishes so far!! and im so pissed with someone for a one line, 3 word text msg to wish me.!!!your so not gettnig a treat!!!

ok back to work.. :-( anybody willing to join for drinks..??