Monday, August 17, 2009

~ recent things ~

I think this post shud go as the part II of this post. Cos thats what i've been so far, or maybe i have too many things running in my head and only with 4hrs of sleep my energy is drained out and im like a walking zombie. I think i need to go see a doc..not this DOC, though i think she would be good too :P hehehe. Seriously lacking sleep and having to wake up at 2.30 in the morning just adds on to that. Finally i thought i had enough of this and I did quit ma work, thought of going unemployed for a little while and get my own lil teeeny weeeny business venture up n running. But the company wanted me to stay back(after accepting my resignation) to go into the technical division with alot of red tapes and pay cut. i also needed a paycheck for the start up cash :D. so i have to put up with the lack of sleep and drained out health issues, pay cut when i move to technical division for couple of months or so or a miracle doc needs to come save me to help me have it all :D i know no one can have it al.

That being said, im still experimenting with my new toys. Shud post some pics once have somethin i can really post up without having to make myself look stupid n embarrass myself.. :D

Also might be gettin a break from everything for 2 weeks. A holiday(after 3yrs), hopefully i'd get ma passport in time, that is on or before thursday!! flying away to India on friday.. hope i dont jinx it.. :( be back in couple of weeks. got a wedding & mommy is turning 50. she doesnt know i'm coming :D heheh another heart attack for her..whoooppppyyy...its suppose to be a surprise.. and hopefully it stays tht wy. I wonder if i even want to get to 50?!?!? tht seeems like eternity to me. We've had our differences, but its hey its still mommy. she wud be herself.. and i would be me. so hopefully everything goes to plan.

just wanted to drop in and say hi... what have you folks been upto? had a good weekend?


blackexists said...

hey! good luck with the holiday thing! :D and it's mom! how could you not love mom :P go surprise her :)

Gadgetgirl said...

Hey there. Ur flying! To India! Kewl! =D. Bring lots and lots od curd if u can!

Have a gooooood time holidaying! =)

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Black: Tankzzzz. I think the surprise has been spoilt by someone, yet to find out tht culprit..its murder time when i do.. :D

Gadget: CURD?!?! CURD?!?! CURD?? of al things?!?! hehe ok i will... :D thanks.. wil try n have a good time...