Monday, May 02, 2011

~ bored me ~

Hello there bloggers, how has everyone been? Sorry that I have vanished from this sphere for sometime, haven't been able to pen anything down lately. My fingers wont work on the keyboard to do any writing either. Don't think I'm having writers block, or that phase everyone goes through, but, its cause my fingers have been busy on this little piece of techy toy - BlackBerry Torch. Oh yes, got it as gift (lucky me). Had to do a lot waiting for this piece, was testing my patience big time, finally when it arrived, it seemed worth the wait.

But me playing with that has nothing to do with me not writing what I usually writing about, sometimes mundane things, a rant here and there, a few tagged post. I really want to write something that would make me want to read it all over again without having to skip any lines. How do I do that?

Other than this, I really don't have much going on I could share with you guys I guess, but how has the blogging world been going? I see a new trend going - 30 days of movies or poetry, songs not sure!

Somebody please suggest a new hobby for me before I die of boredom!