Monday, November 12, 2012

~ hate ~

How much did I hurt you that you had to walk away from me?
I know that question cannot be fathomed in words, but only makes me realize what I've lost in my life.
Without you anymore, it simply doesn't make my life less complicated.
It only makes me more empty, when all I did was make room for you in it.
It may not seem in the quantity or as per your view, but I was slowly starting to make room for you.
Now without you in it, I'm only more reckless.
This broken soul is with a conscience because of you.
You were a reason why I'm still breathing and writing this.
Yet you I've made you to choose for you to walk away from me, sever all ties and disconnect me.
Is that how much you hate me?
Or is that how much I've made you to hate me?
Question question question.