Friday, January 29, 2010

~ foto post ~

Pics from my last week quick trip to india.. :)
Chepak Stadium - back end - CHENNAI SUPER KINGS Home Ground
Train ticket from Nugumpakkam to Guindy (Chennai)
Couzin's 21st b'day - purpose of trip
Insanely hyper dog taking a rest- Roger
Chennai Airport
Jet Screen :P
Flight of Stairs no longer used
Boarding Ticket
Chennai - Colombo

I know its nothing much, just wanted to post some pics.. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

~ flushed ~

That would be my current state of my mind, totally flushed.. Like there is nothing more left in me, in terms of creativity. I've not been able to write, draw nor come up with anything to design about. I've got a few deadlines to meet up. Personal goals rather, with a business partner ofcourse. so im calling out for ppl who might be interested in teaming up on a freelancing basis. Looking for fashion designers in general, but if your a graphic artist, good in line drawing, basically anyone who can draw.... :) i've seen a few ppl who really gr8, like Cerebral Ramblings, Suri... to name a few. if you'd like to know more details, please email me on and we shud be able to talk about portfolio work or how you can help me out.. :D it wud be really gr8..

So leaving that aside, how has everyone been?

I know sorry a** post after a long time... :D