Saturday, July 05, 2008

~ never ending ~

where do u turn to when ur world just crumbles down
brings me to my knees wishing i don have to see tomorrow
with everythin so deep and heavy draggin me down more
wanting that yesterday's sweetness
the smell of your perfume on my shirt
the stains of ur lipstick on my collar
the way ur hands finds mine and fits perfectly in it
and that all lost look into my eyes

why does my heart still linger on yesterday's memory
all u say now is for me to be happy with wht i've got now
only happiness i ever remember is having you in my arms
and hearing your voice so late in the nights
and waking me up too early to open ma eyes
wishin that i had your voice to wake upto
that innocent childish look on your fresh in the morning

why did we end up caring too much of each other
and both of us stranded and left alone in each other's world
only words spoken over keyboard
and yet the feelings so fresh, the love we had for each other
why couldnt we try hard at wht we hard
why did i even choose to let you go
i cant forgive myself for that ever again in my life
making you cry today and leave you with nothin but pain
when i promised to give all the love i had in me

how did we end up walking away from each other
and realised it when we wre too far away
oceans apart, we ripped each other apart
and want each other wen we cant have each other
after so much has changed on your side
and im still waiting ashore waiting of that becon
all i do is sit up in my lonliness thinking about us

i've got your words, your cute ways deep too much inside me
things that no one ever replace, a feelin thats never goin to change
how could you the love i had for you to someone else
just cos you chose to be with someone else doesnt mean i need to
i hate it each time you have a fight and gettin treated wrong
cant help it other than to pray u have a better tomorrow
when wud ever learn we needed each other more than anythin else in our lifes
and yet we decided to be apart, not for now but for ever

i can never forget what you gave me when u with me
puttin up through ma rainy days and hopin we'd have sunshine together
but today i've left with only more rain
hopin and prayin it'd wash away my pain
but i don wanna let it all wash it away
cos im too afraid the rain my wash out the love left in me
the love we promised to have for each other
no matter how apart we are, no matter where we went
no matter whom we met, the days we had together belonged to us

im left in pain, thinkin and cryin and prayin to turn back time
just this one time to have you back in arms and not let go of you this time
the truth and the pain ill be if i do let go of ur hands
why didnt you ever look back and ask me once again
you left with just a cry in your voice
everythin changed the time we decided to be part
now to know there is love still left burnin in us

i've got your words for eternity
"i wish i hadn't met you
i wish i hadn't fallen in love you
then maybe i wud have thought this is life n got on fine"
you broke me down the first time you left
and into pieces no one can pick it and put it back in place
left me alive only to take away my soul with you
when u packed your bags and decided to let me go
i cant help it no more to tell you i need you in my life
name what do i have to give to have you back
but i guess there's nothin to change
not today, when you stand in line to be a wife of another man
dreams of us together shattered
love for each other burnin our souls out
for we care not about tomorrow, we care too much abt each other