Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ 25 to life ~

I had to steal that title from Eminem, my bad.

But the story is i turned quarter century last weekend. it was hella drama weeks around that corner, but just that weekend, nothing happened. NOTHING. apart from the wall post on fb and a few text msgs. so i decided what the hell, worked harder on nailing the logo i've been going at for months, bingo i did summon the omen in me to come out with it.. :)

Something came out of the not-at-all-happening birthday weekend [by weekend i emphasize i have the friday n saturday as b'day :-P]

Launched 85 Clothing. nailed the brand name, logo. couldnt wait to get my Tshirt done. got it done on one of my b'day's. :) wait for the site of 85 Clothing [nothing mind blowing] on how to get in touch and design that you might want to get done on your next tshirt. business is purely on personalised clothing. Only ONE piece clothing, meaning, only you'd have that designed, it would not be printed for anyone else. so let go of worrying having to wonder if you'd see someone else wear the same thing at office, party.. :)

But there seems to be catch, i wud have to come out of anonymity i think, sucks but then wth...

*raises imaginary glass, to 85 CLOTHING*

So anyone looking to have personalised tshirt... ;-)

Hows everyone's week going..?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

~ hikka II ~

so the following is more explainatory to this as someone wondered why it was left mysterious. :)

I've been wanting to just rush out of colombo cause it has been reminding me of the same thing over and over again, which i wanted a break from. haven't been out of the city in a long time and i've been just mad about it. so the whole haahhoo about hikka fest, everything being underplayed this year. thought i'd just jump out since im not going to get any other excuse to run away from city.

The week has been a real rollercoaster at office, well there was no tumbling or turning on my part, cause i was sitting through meetings (finger pointings / management rants / pms releases of bosses / lack of attention from wife's / BF's) on me with a straight face. i walked out with much surprise, even to myself that i didnt lose my temper. collected my thoughts, made my decision, if ppl are so ungreatful for what you've contributed to it simply not my worthwhile, cause this is not my field and im not planning a career in the company nor this field. I was doing something i was good at and i was recruited back cause they needed a jump start on few things. I said hell with it and decided on what i wanted to put out on the table, everything, with no names, but my account manager knows to put 1 and 2 together, there wre not much ppl calling shots in this or fingers put in, told him i want out of account or i walk out of the company.

This was followed with another round with account manager, which he took the other one's side, so managed to do the same thing, sat through, breathin under my skin. Walked into his office after that, told him it aint going to work. Handed in the letter today. Sometimes my stubborness just gets the best of me, I'm my own prisoner. But it had to be done, i wasn't going to be someone else's shoe polish.. :)

So back to being unemployed. well not exactly, i have two months notice period to serve. will have a desk at work till then. want this to pass asap, so i could get this out of the way, clear my head out. Have to seriously think about i want to get on with my life. enough mistakes. enough wishing for 2nd chances.

Hopped on a bus, got to hikka, had a few friends waiting for me there. put on my beach shorts, opened up the bottle..and rest of it zipped, thrown away.

Somehow i see hikka like SIN CITY, where anything and everything goes with no slap on the wrist or anything. Heard names of drugs, never in my life. it scares me in a nauseous way. good thing about the trip - spontaneous, beach, bed, booze, walkin in beach short anywre, reading (half through Living thier lie by Brandon Ingram). My friends wre asking wtf was wrong with me, cause im not a guy who can be pulled off a dance floor easily, here i was sipping my drink(downing, i haven't aged tht much to sip), and me doing a two step wud be slower than snail walk.. :) so there is ma escape weekend....

how has everyone been? naughty, nice, bored?