Saturday, August 27, 2011

~ adios ~

Bags are packed and ready to leave, I'm making the annual trip once again! Hope I don't fall sick like the last time!

Have a good weekend peeps!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~ me back ~

Oh well not really, just popping in to say, I've been neglecting this blog for far too long. There has been nothing interesting to post or rather even mutter! This place used to be my personal space for venting everything i wanted to say with no hold backs. But of late, or rather for sometime, I've known to confine inside my mind. Some say it's not really advisable, but there is only so much my head can hold too. Enough of my rant. Working for corporate really sucks, but i still need that paycheck, I wonder if it had spoiled  me and the luxury has me by the balls, that I cant seem to get out of it!

So how has everyone else been? I do still read you people, from the comments i leave you should have known i'm around.

Until next time, with anything or if anything at all to say! :)

Keep it real