Sunday, April 27, 2008

~ to or not to ~

im in a lil confusion of i shud be puttin my designing skills (or lack thereof) online. I've been told my many to go sell ma designs to alot of accessories or designer jewellery outlets.. im not too confident in showing them off in public, as we all know ripping off is our born instinct :-D

so bloggers.. wht do u think.. i shud or shud not.. n wait for my real chance...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

~ so long... ~

Never been the guy who had the right words to say bye
even though we would see each other often
even though we would have a long way to go
we part today as colleagues
a bond that can never been replaced
a friendship that means more than anythin in my life
a good 4 years fightin, arguing, being there for me
there is nothin i would wanna go back n redo today
but in silent promise to be there for you

we never got started on the right foot
still we managed to find somethin to keep us together this long
looking back at all of it, it jus seems blur
how we met, how we came together
how we parted from each other, still found each other
all the laughs all the misunderstanding
someone who knew to knock me down when i had to be
the one person i ever gave ear to
the who knew changed the animal to the man
yet still treat me a kid

through your struggles and hardship u've never forgotten to smile
in turn made me look at u in a whole different way i've never seen
as a person, there couldnt be anyone to beat your place in my heart
as a friend, i'd have to write all day long what u've been to me
as a colleague, how to be a figure to look for professionalism
i could never finish thanking for everything you've been for me
but i guess you should know by now, im not much of spoken words

u've given me light in my life like no other
and yet you ask me to search for more brightness in my life
before i met you and who im right now
not many ppl would know my true self
before im nothing, beside you im just your shadow
everything u've given me can never be replaced

there is no one who knows me inside out like u do
what made you tear me up n look for whats inside
all i do right now is smile thinkin about all the long night chats
the coffee's together, the silent walks, the standin up, the fights
endless memories of our time together
how is that i decided to let u ride along with me
time's we walked away from each other
yet coming back together without ever mentioning about it

its been a real good life
and now your not going to be around with me
to ask me to keep ma cool, to let it go, to be sensitive
where wud i go looking for the wisdom of yours
where wud i go looking for the smile when my world seems to be crashin
where wud i run to when i need advice
guess i'd have to keep it all together by myself

the bond we share is just so strange and comfortable
how we both know that there is somethin bothering the other
how well we fit in each other's uncomfortable zone
the space we make for each other, the time we make for us
how each other bluntness makes us laugh in the toughest times
how we managed to stick up for each other no matter how hard it became
the silent conversation with each other

wish i had all videoed, just to sit back and watch it all over again
and yet still smile about the time we had together
how can i ever pay back for the angel u've been to me
guess thats a question left for you answer
i hope we'd have a lot more years together to laugh, to cry
for you to tell me "I hate you lo$t $oul" everytime i read you
so here's to the 4 years of tolerating a nonsense like me
hope i'd make it upto to you someday and make some of ur dreams come true
all i ask from you is to keep that smile of urs on always
have the best in life, for your good heart nothin can beat you
love you grl.. take care of your self...c u sooner than ever.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

~ overdue ~

this is something which i got last August over a friends b'day. Everyone was totally against it.. but then again.. its just me ;-)
comments pls.. :-)