Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ untitled ~

He was crouching on his knees on the roof top of an old abandoned building right across was the hotel which has stood through time and has seen its share of the most unfortunate things in the world, tonight would be no different. Looking through the scope of the finest piece of metal molded into shape and dynamics to hold fine tuned silver bullets, made for only one purpose

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

~ lame ~

The last post i wrote was in september, lame i know. I have managed to neglect this blog for various reasons, to a name a few - haven't been able to write anything creative, been brushing up on my photoshop skills, working on a website that i cud use to launch for freelance portfolio (not that i've worked on any commercial projects) and have been spending alot of time designing. Have been designing dresses for a request and thought i'd post some to get the ladies words on my lame designs, which was actually liked. Need to learn more about drawing figures digitally. So here's a few that i kinda liked / thought wud pass.

I'm still learning to apply patterns and stuff, still in the learning the rope stages. Most of my previous designs have always been on a paper, which went to trash bin (digital / real). So thought i'd keep these just in case someone wanted to see what i can do. This is not the 1st time i'm designing dresses, but this would be 1st time i'm showing to larger audience, and strangers i would say, these are not the best, so go easy on me.

How has everyone been? busy making tht x'mas list?