Sunday, August 09, 2009

~ 24 - II ~

So yes, this years celebration was actualy lack thereof :-(. Was sick since wednesday, so didnt have the energy to do anything. Was working on my birthday, sick, working and was pushed really over the edge. Couldnt take it anymore, called in sick the next day. Rested it off.. the best part of the bad start of my b'day weekend ended with gifts from few friends collectively.. im still awed!!
G-pen 450 & Lide 100

Apparently its not for me.. :D its for the business im working on my own. A big help from my friends. Thanks boys & grls. :D

Setting the toys aside, like i said, one of the low key birthday's i've had. No clubbing, no drinking, and wht not.. :( DULL is not the word..cant wait to get ma cut, put ma shoes and get those red sweatshirts out.. ;-)

hope everyone else had a good weekend..more work(tshirts you might/might not see in stores) to be posted soon.


Gadgetgirl said...

Wow! Thats one heck of birthday gift! =P

Angel said...

I am very jealous.


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Gadget G: :P yep...

Angel: awww, ill let you have it for a while.. :P