Monday, March 26, 2007

~ look at you ~

everytime i look at myself in the mirror
i saw nothin but a empty shell before i met you
nothin in that life was certain
nothin of it brought real happines
but still i lived it with no purpose
comin to think about what changed my life today
all i can see is you
where did u go when i miss you so much
although it seems like the same i did to do
also feels likes i get what i deserve
i left u in the cold for many days
and i waiting for the summer with you
wish i can turn back time n make it upto you
but all i wanna do is move forward
think about how wud i make it up for you
wishing i'd get every min to spend with you
to make you happy n complete with me
i do not know if im asking for too much
but that is all i ask from you
be with me right now for the rest our time
let me keep you happy
i know i've let u down, never meant to
but i just did happen
wud u be there when i want to make it up
wud u let me be the guy you wanna close ur eyes n dream away
anythin in our days is nothin but if n buts
wish there wud be a day where both of us wud have non of that
have everythin for you and me
hoping for the day to come when you wud be mine
untill time folds for us to be together
i'd just be looking into the mirror
with no one by my side
except for you in my eyes n mind

~ deleted ~

there are things which u don hold onto, which is said to cause you nothin but negative effects. So im getting rid of mine, grudge against someone. I've taken off the previous post which i wrote. I very much thank everyone who read i did comment. i don wanna waste space on ma blog, who made my life miserable. i want to keep this place for the ones i care about - my love, my friends, my life. or just about daily stuff.

So thanks for reading n commenting on previous, time to let go off things.