Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~ to continue or not ~

Been wondering if I should continue on the short story that i've been writing for a while.

Here's the re-cap:

Chapter1: ~ coffee date ~

Chapter2: ~ leaving on a jet plane ~

Chapter3: ~ 6 months ago ~

Chapter4: ~ i'm with you ~

so comments.. if you'll still interested in reading more? but this time it wud be more organised and timely post for sure :P

back to list of things to do.. :)


Disease said...

Please Continue Bro I am a fan of your Story..and really eager to know what's happening next =D

Hope to c the next chapter soon..
Cheers ! =)

Angel said...

Ooooh yes, please continue.... really like the story.... (still a bit shocked-dazed-awed by that totally cool design - still grinning)

Angel said...

Hey, what happened to your latest post... it's gone missing!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Disease: Thanks bro.. ur words are always a great encouragement.. will get back to the writing soon.

Angel: was a rant post / political shit! didnt want to have any space for tht in my blog, but i was just too frustrated and put it out. Probably write a proper post later. :) thankssssss for the check up...