Friday, January 29, 2010

~ foto post ~

Pics from my last week quick trip to india.. :)
Chepak Stadium - back end - CHENNAI SUPER KINGS Home Ground
Train ticket from Nugumpakkam to Guindy (Chennai)
Couzin's 21st b'day - purpose of trip
Insanely hyper dog taking a rest- Roger
Chennai Airport
Jet Screen :P
Flight of Stairs no longer used
Boarding Ticket
Chennai - Colombo

I know its nothing much, just wanted to post some pics.. :)


Blissfully Ignorant* said...

it's like i had a quick glimpse of India too..hehe..

is this a mobile camera? :D

Gadgetgirl said...

No wonder u were lost.
Welchum back.
& Belated birthday wishes to ur cousin. :)

Anonymous said...

LD and now you! Ahhhhh! this is tooo much!!!


Lady divine said...

Been to the airport..had similar boarding passes, flew in the same airline....:)

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Bliss: this wud be 0.0001% of India.. :P, yeh it is from my mobile.

GG: No curd this time as well.. :( Thanks...will pass on the wishes.

Indy: we are forming a pac to make u jealous :P

LD: hi5... waiting till i catch up

santhoshi said...

knock kock what happened to you?