Friday, March 11, 2011

~ short story 2 ~

The evening skyline resembled coming of apocalypse, the city below his feet only resembled that everything was below him for once in his life. Is it the beginning of the things to come or the end of everything that he has been through. He felt droplets of rain smashing against his dark skin sinking with the darkness. The droplets keep rushing towards him in numbers. He ran his fingers through his thick black hair, throwing it back, as he looks over the edge. He felt his hair was setting to become heavy for him to throw back with each passing seconds, but inside him, he was carrying heavier thoughts. With a deep sigh, he took another step forward towards the edge, towards a meaning to an end or a beginning. He could barely make out a faint call from behind him, with the rain growing wilder; the sound of rain drops against the concrete flooring was making it even harder. He sighed and took a look over his left shoulder; a faint figure is all that he could see in this darkness, a overhead light was flickering. He could not say out by name that it might be, taking another step towards the edge, he let out another sigh; he could hear a loud muffled cry for him.
The sound of his hear beat was growing louder in his ears, flashes of images kept racing before his eyes, or so he thought, his mind was playing tricks on him. Everything around didn’t make any sense to him, slowly, he was feeling as though the lights were going out on him, almost to a deep darkness, emptiness like never before, the sound of his heart beat almost fading away to nothing, complete stand still. The deafening sound made him feel as though he’s been pulled through a vast vacuum of nothing. He starting to question his conscious, if there was nothing called that right now, with everything that has happened to him in the past few minutes. He felt a sudden rush through his body, his mind raced even faster, as though throw a tunnel waiting to jolt out in high speed. The light coming back and the darkness fading behind him, a sudden shock through his body, he could hear his racing heart beat all over again, just when he was starting to only try to make sense of the blackness he’s been though.

With a loud beating in rhythm, he was starting to hear muffled screams, electronic beeps, he was feeling a rush all through his body, with a sudden jerk his torso rose from the flat bed, he opened his eyes in pain, gasping for air, breathing heaving, his body heaving up and down relentlessly for a few minutes, until he catches his breath to a normal pace. His eyes looked around for where he was. The rush in his body slowly subdued.
His fingers slowly grazing over her palm, roaming aimlessly across, which usually draws a smile across her face, he’d give anything to see that of hers, she’s got one of those soft smile, eyes glowing, everything else doesn’t mean anymore breath taking smile. She was running her fingers through his across; he was lying down on her lap. They would usually spend the evening together like this, nothing fancy, just the both of them at her place, in her little garden at the back of the house, on the swing, till the sun fades away from the horizon. He would make it a point to come spend time with her, let her smile steal his heart away; he wished he could give her everything, him in all. He saw love in her eyes, a love which he can only give in words for now.
His marriage has been on the rocks for some time now; his wife has become overly obsessive over him. He found the serenity of love in her, he is not the poster man of the year perfect reputation right now, but he’s tried so hard. It’s been years since he’s had a decent, laid back conversation with his wife. The hours that his wife and work steals from him, he gets them back in minutes when he is with her. He has been running away from his work and his wife for past few months with her, his excuse to officer would be he has some family issues, excuse to his wife would be client meetings out of office and he had no other choice or way to be with her.

He felt his blackberry vibrate inside his right pocket; it would only be his wife who is calling at this hour, he was about begin his curse, until he felt her fingers slowly going through his hair, almost like calming him, he sank in the moment, but the vibration continued. He managed to get himself up from the swing, sitting up straight, he took out his blackberry, it was confirmed that his wife was calling him. He answered with a neutral tone, “anything urgent?” she only manages in her usual not so soft voice, “what time are you coming home?”He was surprised at the tone of her voice, he continued “I’m not sure, still in a meeting” and he ran his hand over her thigh. “Come home soon, we need to talk, you can postpone your meeting” and line went dead after that. He could only wonder his surprise last only a second and she was back to herself.
He slipped his blackberry back to his pocket, with a sigh he rose from the swing, her hand immediately raced to hold his, pulling him, with her eyes questioning, lips almost murmuring, “do you have to leave?”
She held his hand pulling him back from getting up from the couch, “do you really have to go?” he turned round to say “no”, but his lips raced, “yes she is waiting for me”. Her fingers fell away from his hand; he heart felt so away from him. She knew she wasn’t supposed to feel for him, but she couldn’t stop herself falling for him. Her mind repeating “she shouldn't fall for him, she shouldn’t feel anything for him” but she was against herself on this one, as though there was two of her inside her. She sank back to the couch, sipping away her cappuccino, almost aimlessly starring at the large framed photograph on the wall, of a couple, looking into each other eyes, his arm around her waist, just like how Adam would hold her when she stood that close to him.

Melani’s mind was reeling away into thoughts of the time with Adam, she was his, but not anymore, she would beat herself inside her, every day and every minute for saying for saying nothing to him when he wanted to marry her. Her relationship with men has always never ended on a good note, but then when does relationships end on a good note she thought and at first he was just her quarter life crisis rebound. He was not everything she wanted out of her complex perception of HER perfect man, but he had his ways with his women. He was starting to grow on her skin, which was starting to make her throw panic button – ignoring his late night calls bluntly, not wanting to do Saturday ice cream meeting, or just sip coffee and let her rant out. He was starting to become of all the signs she was either interested in someone else or she was not ready for him. He doesn't stand to be ignored or even second to anyone or anything, with her he learnt patience. She wanted him to be just casual, but everything that has happened, it was starting to become more than just casual. Adam wouldn't ever know if she wanted more, but now all that doesn’t matter anymore.