Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~ oh yeh its gone ~

Dont think ill get much of seeing places or enjoying the break im getting. i have to stay bed ridden for sometime now, dont know for how long though. suffering from ankle arthritis on both ankles.

Hey Angel doc - any idea how long i wud have to taking rest. so much for a break n holiday on no pay.

but i guess this was meant to happen one of these days.

so how has rest for the bloggers been?!?!

just thought i'd drop a line on the update.


santhoshi said...

ankle arthritis? must be really painful.. Why dont u get it checked out there since u are in chennai... Take care of yourself...

Lady divine said...

good heavens! are you serious? hope you'll be alright soon.

take care

Chavie said...

oh dear! :( my mom has arthritis in her shoulder and knees so I know what a crippling disease it can be... my only word of advice would be to get medical attention fast and not to stop medication until the doctor says so... mom stopped half way and when she went back to medication it didn't work as well as the first time around...

take care bro!

Angel said...

Ouch... I know what you're going through... I still suffer from arthritis in my knees and the small joints of my feet after that awful chikungunya 8 months ago! What's the cause for yours? Anyway, I'd advise

1. warm saltwater baths (two handfuls of sea salt in a basin big enough to hold your ankles) for 15 minutes twice a day

2. Avoid tinned food, esp tuna and cola drinks because the chemicals react with gut enzymes and produce thingies that make the arthritis worse

3. rest the joints - no bopping up and down "to see if it still hurts"

4. diclofenac sodium (voltaren/ dicloran) gel to the sore bits

5. if you think you need stronger painkillers than paracetamol or panadiene, see a doctor since it's a bad idea to get prescription meds from an anonymous medical blogger! :)

Gadgetgirl said...

Ankel Arthritis??? =S =S.

Get well sooon LS!
Have some milk! There are loads of producers over there. =)

Indyana said...

Oh boy! That is really sad! What on earth brought that on? I hope it will be better soon, and I hope the doc's there help! Stay safe!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

santhoshi: nothing at al until i put my feet on the floor, otherwise im fine. Not in chennai though, got to a doc immediate.

LD: looks like it for now, i have to finish the medication to check out wht it is actually.

Chavie: Thanks bro. taking most care as i can take.

Angel: Anonymous / or not, i do value ur opinion. Did run to the doc as soon i couldn't keep ma feet on the ground. got a proper doc's advise the next day, advised a couple of things, will mail you details.

Gadget girl: i think this all happened cos i went looking for your curd :P hehehe just kidding.. Thanks gadget...

Indyana: Yeh i know its sad.. :) hopefully i get it fixed, so i can do some walk around atleast..

Thanks all...*hugs*

Gadgetgirl said...

HMPH! =P =P.