Saturday, August 25, 2007

~ shining ~

you need to be in darkness to know n seek the light
the light comes in many different ways
it sometimes passes by us in an instance that you dont notice
how do u know which light is right one for youi've spent my life so far dwellin in the darkness
seeking my solitude in it and being too comfortable
time was right when i needed to move away from the darkness and towards the light
i did make the move and i thought i was the best thing that happened to me
i dont know wht made the light fade away from my life
but now there has always been a light in my life that never faded
the light i see in your eyes, the light that shines you above others
what makes you more special than anyone else in my life
will it always be there, i will never know
everyday i see it shine brighter than yesterdayit so hard to make you see the light you are
or is ur modesty that is hard n never for me to break through
i can only wish that you would feel your precious and most wanted
i've tried my days to make you feel special
i've tried to make you happy, make you feel the most wanted person in my life
i rarely get the chance to do so and make it for you
even those im always late or never mad it the whole nine yards of the wish
i keep wonderin to myself when wud i ever make it upto you
for all you have been in my life, for all you have done in my days to lighten up
the load you have eased off my shoulder, all the crap i've poured out
everythin you have done for me cannot be done over again by anyone else
you'd always bee special in my heart till my eyes close for the final time
your everythin in my mind when i happen to be smiling
i wish i had more time with you everyday
you've asked me a million time, don i get fed up of you?
how could i ever do that what makes me smile n happy
all i need to do is think about you in my mind and rest of trouble flies away
wonder to myself what wud happen when there is distance between us
i've realised it cannot make us grow apart but make it special
im not the same person who you met the first timehow much has changed is not somethin i can write up
guess a part of me will never change, or how you see me as kid
wud u see me past being younger than you and look at me just as a guy
its just another silly dream of mine out of all the millions
wanted to write you n tell u how much im missing you right now
hope you enjoy reading this, and wud love to see the smile that always comes up
wish you here hun, miss you more than ever,come back soon
i wanna see your smile more than anythin else in world right now
you'd aways be special and only be more the next moment in my life