Wednesday, July 08, 2009

~ lazziiieee ~

That's what I've been upto all along, except for the blog title pic changed to custom made(by moi). That's cos i had to take a day off being sick *cough cough* :-D

I have a whole list of things to catch up upto, on top of it:

Paper work on the new business


Logo (done a couple, not happy / not striking)

Tattoo Design for LD

Tattoo mod for Black

most of all get some f'ing sleeeep!! Proper Sleep!! i get through a day with only 4hrs of sleep MAX, sometimes only 2, like today morning!! Specially having to wake up at 3 so i can be at work at 4 in the morning, very much ticks me off, and the checkpoints and the tuk tuk a'hole driver who keeps going into every manhole he can find on the galle road!!! ARRRGGHHHH, im abt to go BALLISTIC!!! TRANSFORMER BALLISTIC(watched it twice yesterday.. one after the other!! Back to not enough sleep, this is bad, cos my health has been all time low, been falling sick week in week out.. sometimes within a couple of days even, catching cold easily and what not. When i dont get enough sleep, i get more annoying, less tolerating of the nonsense ppl try to throw around me, i get into a mode very much defensively OFFENSIVE, i dont care a 2 cents abt wht i want to say.. and wont regret it mind you. Guess that's enough warning, but then again, not even a few of the ppl around me read this blog, so the warning goes down the drain. *fake a smile, fake a smile*..whooooozaaa whoooozaaaa..

Ok back to work...

Comments on the blog title pic??


Lady divine said...

it looks AWESOME!!!!:)

indyana said...

nice title too...