Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~ facial hair ~

or in other words, beard.. :) see i've been sporting this for a long time, but quite not long as the one i've gotten myself with at the moment, its rather bushy.. i wud say. It seems like everyones problem these day. What ticked me off last night was, we were messing around in office (since it was poya, yes i work on poya days, all who sit their lazy bums on local calendar can shut it!!), we were trying out temporary coloring, and one guy got creative with it, colored up my mustache along a thick line down to the beard as well.. :) it was ... imagine a dark Hulk Hogan.. :) i was walking around in office, looking like this, with all the grls giggling away and almost rofl, but it was poya n i was in a sporty mood.

Coming home with it was the worse part, mom was in a complete fit that I've been sporting something that points to another religion (dont want to get in her words) and what the hell is the coloring? I don like being told what im suppose to do, and just coming back from office(which is another trauma for me everyday, not the like Angel's one, but... you get) and she letting it off, asked to zip it (not in the same words).

She has always wanted me to bind to social norms, and i for one, never grew up that way. Lately its not only my mother who is expecting me to be a certain standard... :) so i've asked a few, what they thought about my facial hair, its merely just hair to me, something i've been lazy or just wanted to brew something out of the ordinary.

So here i'm killing the cat, what do you'll think...? does my hair n beard go off, shud it stay? i think some of you might have noticed...bad afro.. long beard, hard to miss :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

~ rewind and relapse ~

There was sudden silence filling the room, he broke the silence, “what do you want out of this”. She looked at him perplexed “what do you mean”. His tone has gotten a lot more straightened out, “what are you getting out of this”. She was taken by his question; she paused, turned around, away from him. There was silence once again filling the room, he didn’t know what he was doing with her. He began with a sigh; she stopped him, turned around and kissed him, before he could say anything….

*Alternative to the previous story line*

He broke the kiss with a sigh, he tried to look into her eyes for an answer to his question, she knew well to hide it, but not for long. All she longed was for some attention, some love, some vanity and some excitement, something of everything that she has been deprived off by her husband for another woman. He understood the pain inside her which showed in her eyes, she couldn’t hide it so well. He closed the door behind him, shutting out the only lights to the room other than the moonlight filling the floor of the room close by the window. She tried to walk away from him, turning her back, putting both his arms around her, just around her waist, snuggling her closely, kissing on her neck, she running her fingers over his cheek, slowly trailing to his hair, pulling him closer, down to her skin. She let out a sigh, he felt her hip on his, grinding back on him. He manages to lift her off her feet, with his arms around her waist, tight, and her hands around his, flopping her down on the bed. Just as he walks closer to the bed, he could hear the vibration off the table, his phone, he goes closer to the phone away from the bed, looking at her, she let out sigh with a lower lip bitten by teeth, with her hand running over her bosom, curling her leg up to her bosom, he didn’t have the heart or the mind to take another step closer to the phone, he turned himself back to the bed.

His mind was telling him to stop, he wasn’t going to listen to that, they had other plans. they had begun a new chapter together, unconsented, unspoken of....

Does the above make any sense at all to anyone who has been reading the blog or the story (fantasy / surreal love tale) that i've been writing for sometime now? well I'm trying to figure what the IF's in the story, alternative to what previously happened, another parallel thinking of the same mind. does this sound like something u'd be interested in?