Tuesday, December 18, 2012

~ stickit notes ~

Days keep passing by like there is eternity, but I know I should have had that eternity with you. Today is too late. You've moved on. I should move on. I've moved on, or so to speak in the figurative sense, of our dreams, funny how I still say it as our dreams. Then again, you were the dreamer and I was merely aiding you in them, finally you made me fall for them and went away. I don't blame you for anything. We were worlds apart, but differences is what made this entire facade, a dream to over flow into our real lives. I know where I went wrong, its a wrong I cannot correct myself, its the path that I walk that I cannot realise or reason in anyway you or anyone could understand. I'm far more sensitive on the inside than my demeanour. I guessed you should have known or read it how sensitive I'm about a lot of stuff. A steady relationship is only a illusion to me. Its not even merely a theory in my life. When everyone you've gotten close to, opened up to, looked up to, just kept walking away, disappointing you, hurting you, leaving you vulnerable, all you do is build walls. You know very well how good I'm at building walls very easily, how stubborn I can be, how much I can block things from my memory. I don't want to put you in a box, pack you off into a deep dark corner in my memory. I want you to live it. You've opened me up to so many things that I can never change about myself. But only remember those memories you gave to last forever. Thank You. I Miss You. Forever. You mean a lot to me thank you give yourself credit for. Maybe this a good bye note. Cause you never I would actually get to give one, so here it is, the first and last note I've given you.