Sunday, December 21, 2008

~ so it is christmas ~

So its christmas... well almost i wud say. Join in the bandwagon of post on the recap of the happenings for this year. Its been a tough and most challenging of all times I wud say. With a lot of good things and even more hard times I’ve faced over the years. Not to sound melodramatic.. but personally I’ve change, which is not of voluntarily, my mind has once again managed to form the cocoon to protect myself from emotional pains.

Warning, I’ve taken the dare to put up my image! Indya.. here’s ur chance to catch the lo$t $oul..

Jan - So the year began with me taking over the team which I’ve toiled my heart n brains for the last 4yrs. I never saw myself working for any company for more than 3yrs. But when I did get the break right at end of my 3yrs from another company and spoke abt my resignation, my big boss asked for the offer and topped it up. So ended up staying with the same company. A lot was on my shoulder with the beginning of the year. But somehow got through the first month..

Feb - a year since my ex left the country, the last time I ever saw her as my gf, right on valentines day. ironic?!?!? Saw one of my best friend get married, went all out, got ma hair done, got a new suit, shoes. One of the best days I wud say.

Mar – Well when most of the heat at work started working itself and I wasn’t in the best of minds to go all out for the team, as there was few difference between myself and the management. The bestie who wud be my side, hanged the cloak up with the company and called it quits.

April – mostly uneventful, but with a lot of pain and post breakup trauma. I was starting to lose my cool for even the slightest mishap at work.
May – ever more increasing of nothing but pain from the breakup. A lot of misunderstandings, fingering pointing all to one side(took it all up cos I was the one to blame for everythin, she deserved someone better than me, after all). A whole load of heat at office too abt my management style or lack thereof.

June – never got around to writing much, maybe a single post at most. By now work ate most of my time and energy. Being alone n lonely made my time even more miserable can it already be…

July – lost a family friend, who was more than family in 99.99% of the occasion, I think I wud call him family. Has been around even before I was born, and the age im right now and still around helping out a lot and being with my family, he deserves a award!! He has been a lot close since my dad died, years back. I never had a father figure around, but his stories of his young prime n youthful days, makes you wanna get outta ur skin n live life with no boundaries. With as with everything, no one can understand me or give into wht ever im doing, so there was a lil misunderstanding and lack of communication over the last year. But is loss is just too grave, which I cannot relate too. They say you can escape death for certain while, and finally it does catch up with u ironically…

Shortest trip I’ve ever made to india. Left the country on a Tuesday afternoon, was at the airport just 30 mins before the departure time, landed in india, took the bus in another hr, was in the bus for another 12hrs, landed in home town, attended the funeral, and was there till Friday, another 12hr bus to Chennai, back on Monday morning and back to work.
Along with it came my resignation of heading the team. After a lot of persuasion from big boss, same guy who convinced me stay back, took the time to have along conversation in his busy day, so sit me down and make me understand wht I need to do. Was persuaded to stay back and take a entirely different role in leading the team. But everythin changed just over a day. And I was definite of position of stepping down and so it happened in a unlikely professional manner.

August – a lil niece turned 1 with me when I turned 23. Both the same date, the family is dreading and standing on pins if she wud turn out be big bad boy cuz… and having a knuckle head like me as the shoulder look over.

Sept - my ex was back in the country for her wedding. Met her as she wanted to give me the wedding card. Put it all up, cos I somehow owed her that much. So how I cudnt stop myself from seeing, when I promised never to see her ever again in my life. But with all that, just wanted to know how she is doing now. One last time before she becomes someone man. Top it all up, was suited up for her wedding, how far can this get?!!? You may think…
Had the best trip of my life time with my family. Got kinda attached to the family since the beginning of the year. Spent a whole weekend, travelling around 2 places I haven’t been to in the last 8-10 yrs. Set off to Nuwerliya on a Friday morning, was there until Saturday lunch, back to kandy to tree of life and then on Sunday to lunch at mahaveli… food was awesome, drinks taste different when you have ur uncles mixing it for you…

Oct - nothing happened that stands out...

Nov – mostly uneventful I would…except that i completed 5 yrs in the company.

Dec – it is Christmas, thinking back on all the stuff happening, spending time away from a lot of things, indulgence.. for which I didn’t have the luxury for yet did manage to get around it…

Wishing everyone a happy holidays.. hope the next year works out better…..