Monday, October 30, 2006

~ save me ~

oh i thought its goin to be hectic trip with head over work, lotsa reporting to be done, where i'd be busy runnin around and be important.... but NO non of the above. well ma friend asked me the other day, how come i get to laze where ever i go? i dont know if its good thing or bad thing. maybe the extent of me being busy with work would be large i guess. i dont know, im doing this process, invoicing for another project, then couple of making format reports for a friend in need, reading blogs, commenting, talking to ppl(online, phone, real) still im bored. wht more am i looking for? i have no idea, somebody help me pls. well actually ma friend is offering me her job so she can get back to lk, so i'd be busy cos tht process is suppose to be trouble 24/7. heheh wud i take tht... noooo... :-D

actually couple of my plans are getting messed up, i planned goin the weekend off to see my friends at the other office site across the country.. ma Director didnt approve the travel, well thought i'd go on my own.. checked the flight ticked, i rather pitch a lil extra n come back to colombo... so thats washed away, don think would have got to go even if got the tickets cos it was supposedly flooded.. so sat at home watch cable all day long. actually went for a swim in the mini pool. sat night put a walk in the drizzle to get dinner, the manager dude was kinda funny, wanting to know where im from n wht i do and whts sl like n all that. apparently there is no clubs here. ma jaws just dropped. wht city in the world has no club?!?!?! arrrhhhh why on earth do they need to have a office here. shift the place where ppl know wht partyin is, mall, hot chicks and the package of city life... ma managers seriously know nothin of entertainment... but no these guys do in a differnt way. nevermind that, ma manager in col wants me to go huntin for spots, places where they'd be chicks, malls n do all that n when they come down and me to take them around..??!?!? wht do they think am i tour guide????

so leaving things at that. the only reason i said alright to this trip was, it wud look good on my CV, you know initiated a process implimentation and blah blah and i get to see my aunt n them at a very low cost. well lets say im tryin to make use of company resources to my advantage atleast now :-D hehe. but not thts spoilt, i don give a rat ass about the project. yeh its a 12hr bus ride, which im not willing to take and dont think my director is goin to approve ma leave to go see ma relatives(so called) after the proj kicks off with the ppl here. im the jump starter apparently..and soon be obselete. SHUCKS. then i'd be back in col and nothin else to do except get back to ma old seat and do the same work over n over again.

please save me from this misery ppl. oh well getting back to colombo, i have lotsa surprises waiting for me... my short life is to pronounced for how long by unknown/known of my walk of life. im serious. when i get back to sl, ppl are waiting just to send me 6 feet under. uhhhh tht saves me i guess.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

~ intro ~

ok, maybe this should have the first post, but mine was this. so thought mayb i'd go a lil deep about me. couple of the readers know me personally but for others they are sure lo$t as im. so here's a lil something about me...

Name: lo$t $oul(didnt i tell you this before) hehe... well in real world ppl do know my parent given name.

Sex: yes please. (hak hak) Male

Location: which one you talkin about now...?? oh u mean where i live, hmm close to col city limits

Age: shock or no shock, 21

Status: Dormant zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... hek hek, coupled.

Interest: how much time are u plannin on spending to read this post..?? hmmm shorten, creative arts, music, movie buff, basketball of all things n swimmin when i need to get rid of cold or want to throw up, shakin ma bottoms on the dance floor, spending time all alone(solidarity came into my life very early, so lets say im use to it) hmm hmm bloggin(new fad), writing.. list goes on n not to forget, be fashionable( im not trend follower, i have my own timeline of fashion line)

Distinguishable marks: hmmm tht'd be too much info, all the grls wud come runnin for a digital autograph(i.e pic with me) hahaha i know wht all of u wanna say... im dreaming. helps me not to be a cynic im... so question was?? hmmm afro, eyebrow piercin, hunky looking ;-) hehe and junk accessories, not the wannabe rapper style, but street style. just a seashell bracelet n wrist band(tht reminds me i need to change it, its been too long, i've been too lazy and i havent found anythin else to sport on me)

Movies i wud watch over n over again without pressing the fwd button. Blade, LOTR, MATRIX, MI, X-Men, Fast & Furious series, others - Troy, Last of the Mohicans, Kingdom of Heaven, Butterfly Effect, Last Samurai, Finding Nemo, Gladiator, Sin City, Honey, Man on Fire, 50 First Dates, Resident Evil & 2, SAW & 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Constantine hmm goes on i suppose

Music i chill/listen/shake to: (not in order) Sean Paul, Craig David, KW, PCD, BEP, JT, Snoop Dogg, Daddy Yankee, i'd say these are LISTEN NOW list, so it keeps changing

thats the basic.... well why did i think about this... well im stoned bored at office. so just messing around... hehhee so i'd expect you to spend a lil time puttin in ur info as well.. ;-) heheh

Friday, October 20, 2006

~ idle ~

not the status next to your nick name in a IM, but thts my real state now. well atleast 99% of the time.. well lets calculate the no of calls i use to handle on a daily basis when i was in col, when atleast use to when i was working on that project. hmmm i have to do a average about 120-130 calls a day to cover ma target.. now its just been 9 calls the highest which has come for a day. well actually the sh** hasn't hit the fan yet. so im fingers crossed. this time actually is inbound. so i can wait till someone feels like talkin to me or complaining to me. thats wht im here for "project : complaint man". wish i knew.. but then again like i've said before its free trip to see ma natives. for all the long toil of 3 yrs in my company a smal tinnnyyy wiiinnnyyy reward/curse which might cost me my new job.

mostly in here its about my complaints n views of things in my life. they say i shud feel happy i have a job but the purpose of the job or fulfillment is not there. there is need for me to work. im a workaholic. ma dad was one, so will i be, its in ma genes. but my view of work is somethin other. i might not be bright quick learner but im certainly witty on the long run. but these projects are short term mostly pilot projects or DR purpose. been a suckur on the early days when i started work cos i was fast n quick. then when i adapted to the system, i got bored of the system. it was routine, thts part of the job but since i mastered it, it no long stimulated my mind. i remember doing these random test(funny ones) one of the results was, i'd be turned on by science chick rather than a blondy... cos the SC would stimulate my mind by her mere intellectuality. i'd F*** that.... these part of me is i never had one particular taste. well thats a different story. tht dept is closed permanently. so comin back to the stimulating part. its true, i need to be kept on the buzz, busy mind boggling uptemp work. everythin is exciting untill i've been trained and mastered. after tht it wud be ordinary, tom dick, jenny, blonde can do tht and i'd give up.. :-)

so being idle 99% of the time, wht do i do... hmm work start at 12, so i come here before tht. then for another half hr there is no internet access, anyways im not suppose to be having net access, in colombo i have the privilege of knowing supervisor password for my dept. so im using tht in here, triv office. :-D so sri lankan of me ya, doing wht im not suppose to do. well i had to be on web messenger all the while i was in col. stupid bloo** sh** tht is. IT punk a** cant keep the hands off ma pc, i've lost my admin rights(i cant install any program). thts that. reading blogs n sign to msgr. thts wht i do as the job and attending to calls is like part time.. :D i know so many wud wannabe where iam..

so you wanna idle? hope atleast the new place, if i make it back to sl in time and the company still wants to hire me, would be more exciting(known factor i'd be bored soon in that too). but i've been warned its goin to be hard work, which im looking forward, i've been lethargic since i've settled into monotonous work. so hope i can i jumpstart ma engine from "idle" to "too busy".

Monday, October 16, 2006

~ personality ~

hmm is it define able in one word or a string? is it definite or constant changer? how does someone get to know the personality. just by looks or by the person itself? some say they've got a good/bad personality, but thts just talk. how is someone's personality really known to others. atleast to the ones close around, friends, parents, close cuz and list might go on. so how do we know someones personality, is it by judgin the book by its cover or are u willing to go the distance of reading the whole book? then wht?

is it a sculpture of perfection, an art of illusion for the mind, a strong seductive to keep on the edge of your life or gripped in so tight? we all have one, what is that is my question? are you sure of who ur, are u sure u wudnt change tomorrow or the day after, or are the same whom you wre yesterday, a year back? how many of us have the personality for a longer period of time. when someone meets after ages, they say it with a smile or a nasty frown "you've havent changed one bit have ya?"

well to talk about mine, i'd say i've manipulated my mind and personality. to believe there is nothin constructive in this world and man is ever changing evolutionary cycle. your just one frame the the length of time and life of the world around you. how long are you goin on the same frame? wouldnt you get bored if you had to wear the same clothes, same hairstyle, same perfume, same .... every single day of your life. take for instance the movie, the island, i dont know many critics are goin to call me stupid of quoting or refering to a sci-fi movie, but its about impulses. to feel, to know, to realise that there is something wrong, that there is another world or sphere of happenings outside where your. do you have the impulse in you, a twitch that makes you feel your meant to somethin more, a higher call?

We've all been brought up parents, by the two the most luckiest. it also matters how your parents viewed the world and life itself. its coded in your genes. to be better, to be stronger, to be more cultered(i don mean by attire or backward, i mean the liberal and intellectual sense) an overall better system. taking my line of achievements in comparison to that of my fathers and forefathers. today, i sit in an office, a desk job, handsomely paid, a very much luxurious life which i built on my own. is it cos i live my life independently, that i don have any responsibility or a family to take care of that i can choose to take risk? how does my personality affect to be who i am...? known to be the rebellion of al the 2nd generation of ppl. none of my cuz are rebellious except for another cus sis of mine( u rock grl) its not fear that my aunts n uncles have towards me, they respect me for the risk i bore to take. to stand by my judgement and to make it happen. by wht luck i have no idea, but i've made it today and have million more to do. frankly speaking i dont have a strong personality on the inside. by tht tom dick n harry, jenny, barbie and miss i'm all tht cant move an inch of who im inside but i do get affected by ppl close to me. i rarely let ppl get close to me, like to keep them at a distance n watch.

sometimes i'd talk to strangers about myself n wht happens in ma life, when would anyone be able to pin point any occurance or relate cos there is no detailed version. is it my personality that i block certain ppl and let only a few and only a very few come into my darker version. many see me as a young blood, totally rebellious anywhere i go. in office, considered as CONVICT for being true in your face. i'll say wht i have to say, i give a f about ur feelings n emotions, when it comes to work its work n u better be working. call me a natzi, but thts the wy i work, you prove to me you good in your work, then ur off ma radar n can do any jack n yet keep up the good work. you might think, who are u lil brat and why do i have to prove it to you? well when my voice needs to be heard i wud give you the royal treatment and embarass you in front any tom dick n harry, i just wudnt care, i'll tell it out and wont bother about ur explanation, its my opinion and i dont want yours back. thats one side, there are ppl who i've been up the a** and they have done a excellent job in comin back and we are just good buddies, we sit n drink n laugh about all the dirty sex jokes even make them loud out n clear in open office.. im just a guy like, u wanna laugh up im game, but if u wanna play bitchy im a good grl and i just push you away with ma loooks, you just messing with the wrong animal (LEO)

so is this all about ma personality? thats it? well no i have many sides, caring friend, not so cute but tryin hard bf, trying to be good son a mom can be proud of, being able to carry my father's name without stain? there is so much personality, sides... i dont know.. to me there is no such as one personality, its a reflection of the soul in the instance of time n frame of life that we spend in.

i have to get out of the office now, crashin off to my 3 room lonely apartment, luscious dinner, a movie on cable:) and then dig into ma personal day notes and look at ma baby's pics..and smile at her cute looks and the want of holding her tight in ma arms soon.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

~ at last ~

like the title goes, at last some sunshine in ma career. I was chosen to temp on a new project out of sri lanka. so this is goin to be ma 1st one outta here on Business. though ma company flew me on a economy class, still there is nothin for me to complain as this a free ticket for me to go see ma aunt n so forth. not to get any hopes high, im sitting in our trivandrum office(India). just a 45 mins air trip office. how is it.. well atleast somethin away from sri lanka. was expecting a lot of work and anticipation of what the project is going to be.. mind you the company didnt have any idea of what the project was, well it happens as usual and time they give u to get ready to fly just under or 2 max, thts it, u better be sh** ready always. hehe.

leaving this at that. as i landed in a place where they/me dont know each other mother tongue. remotely language they partially understand is english, by this i mean the locals at the airport n stuff. before i get out of the airport, security dic* f**k wanted the tear off slip which another custom officer took it as i was carrying ma lappie with me. the sec crap just wanted me to stop n not move a inch even after telling him his senior took my slip. had to shout into his ear to make him understand. getting out the airport, luckily ma office had rememberd to send a pick up guy, waited for him to bring the car, 6/7 locals stalked me in local language if want a taxi, if im selling liquor(thts after seeing me with 3 bottles in hand, P.S they are having the buy two get one free on most, dont know about arrival though, btw its for my uncle) so shrugging off ma shoulder n saying NO, just took 30 secs for the car to come n they have already made a good impression. not my first time to say, being a born indian i travel atleast once a yr to see ma native ppl(aunts.. so on)

Dropped into ma spacious apartment, double bed(;-) anyone got cute ideas) n cable :D n get left to office. nearly dozed off in the car, too tired i'd say been runnin around the couple of days and only 3 hrs of sleep before the flight. so tried to break. the office is nothin like i expected or the ppl wrent expecting me. a afro haired asian with a thick brit/amer accent and with a peircing. hehe so there is alot of turn heads n stare. nothin but a smile from me. ma project lead is some wht comes upto ma level of interaction. so gettin to know a few ppl and hopefully alot more. best of all i've got ma own cabin, and its the head of asia's cabin :-D sometimes its royal treatment when ur from another country and on business. hehe so thts now, did a lil bit of work, working from scratch bottom base square 1 but the proj shud have been up n running ystday. just another day in the client servicing(bending over and asking if they want whip cream/wax/oil/wht else for pleasure) sorry ma bad. thts one way of seeing it. tryin not to fall asleep, waiting for a client call. so i can wrap things up and get somethin to eat n go back to ma aprt n get some sleep...

untill i hit the keyboard again.. adios n leave ur commment experience on travel for business n nt pleasure, lets keep tht a secret for now.. ;-) hehe

P.S there wre only 27 passengers for the flight.. :D heheh record i'd say when it comes to destination, when year before last i was routed on another plane cos of overbooking.. dammmmheheh