Sunday, September 30, 2007

~ mia ~

well not literally.. im almost miles n miles away from technology these days. with so many restriction to access even comment on a blog!! wud anyone believe that.. oh atleast i get to read the blogs :) hehe..

getting really busy with work, outta country and hating it as well. i guess its just completely business.. i mean literally business. things to do, deadlines to meet, reports, updates on trainees'.. wht not. no entertain wht so ever. biggest disappointment of all.. the whole team is married. they are bunch of nice ppl so far, but then again 5 ladies all taken.. pity me lord even lil bit. totally lacking any good lookin ladies here.. i mean literally.. no good looking ladies at al!! completely going insane..

then comes the all time question - "how old are you btw?" - and the comments...

mumbai chick ~ OMG ur younger than ma lil sis... (rollin eyes n big smile)

dark ~ hmmm ur the youngest of al!!

blonde ~ oh jeeeesss

wht can i say.. im too young to mingle ;-) only if it was colombo n i was using ma magic stick to work it like i work it...

ppl need to literally explain to me.. is it written on my forehead or somethin i've gf's more than the fingers they can use to count!?!? i mean come on.. give me break here.. i've slowed drastically over the months..(giving out one yr of my life for love) rest of it, from last yr april/may i think n till this yr right on easter.. n to now.. my luck on woman just dropped!! literally.. sheeez i wish i can wind back couple of yrs n enjoy all the hmmm hmmm... ;-)

well i just wanted to say hi to all the ppl who use to read or stils reads this boredom site.. im still alive but not kickin as i use to be.. :D

take care you'll... once i get back to civilaztion with no security issue assole who think they can control me.. >:)