Friday, August 21, 2009

~ going going gooonneee ~

Well not yet. I'm still in sl :P will be leaving in a while, with just my laptop n my clothes. I so love travelling alone compared to accompanying my mom. Her min luggage is 3 baggages. I use to hate it when i had to travel with her. Now i get her the tickets n drop her at the airport.. I never book my tickets for the same flight :D MEAN SON i'm u may say.. >:) tooo bad.

oh btw the planned surprise has been spoiled by someone. i'm yet to find out the culprit and have some of my fist(if only i can give tht in real).

Going to be flying Kingfisher, lets see if all the haa hoo meets my standards. yet to see a airhostess who make me drop dead right on spot, then n there. will i be lucky atleast this time.. :(

Does anyone need anything.. :)..

This is turning out to be most expensive holiday im taking, since im going on NO PAY. Hope its all worth it, and i need one.. havent done a holiday in 3yrs. No wonder im so cranky n uptight.

so you'll ppl, do drop by. might upload pics and short news flashes... take care n love to all.....i think im already high on the thought im going on a holiday.. :D


santhoshi said...

have a good holiday! careful of the water.. the kingfisher girls are supposed to be good looking...

Gadgetgirl said...

"Her min luggage is 3 baggages." Its what all women carry! =D

Have a goooooood time LS! =D
Do remember the curd. Hehe. India produces lots and lots of cows. =P.
I love cows and I looove what it produces!!!!
Have fun LS!

Anonymous said...

India? Hmm! Well, have fun and post pix when ur back!


Lady divine said...

have fun!!!!!:) and bring chocolates!!!:D and maybe Baileys...:D

btw, are you on roaming?

Chavie said...

have a good trip LS! :) be safe!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Santhoshi: Oh they wre veeererrryyyy pretty.. very fair though :(

Gadget: well if it was her stuff i wouldnt mind at all :D will try to get your curd.. :P

Indy: Will try to :D will post pix.

LD: Choc's will do, as long as you promise to meet up you'll get ur chocs... :P

Chavie: Thanks dude...

Angel said...

Have fun - and remember, I like chocolates too! :)