Friday, October 30, 2009

~ things will never be the same ~

She stood up from the bed, he was trying to hold her back with his hand, she turned to look over her shoulder with a smile that didn’t have a definite meaning, yet she began to keep walking towards the sliding door of her balcony. She opened them slightly the cold wind was blowing her hair away from her skin, she opened them even more, he could feel the cold wind brush against his face. The sound of wind blowing from the balcony was filling in the room; he couldn’t bear the silence and the questions that were building in his mind. He still hasn’t gotten the answer to his question, “why is she doing all this for him”, he thought of it enough and he stood up from the bed, moved towards her. He was standing right behind her, his hand stretched out to the railing; his chest leaned against her back resting his chin on her shoulder. Still no words have been spoken between the two, he knew she had an answer to his question but the silence between the two has grown too much and he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He began with a sigh, bringing his hands closer to hers on the railing, he whispered silently in her left ear “you still haven’t answered my question”, she let out a sigh and turned around to face him, with her hands around his neck, her head resting on chest, “can I skip the question” was her reply. He didn’t understand why she didn’t want to answer him, but he was not going to keep pressing the question at her, her tone was such he hadn’t heard before. He knew better now, when to ask a question and not to press at it. He slowly brought his arms around her, holding her tight, “we should go in”, as he tried to turn her, “can we wait here”, and he held her even tighter with a sigh. Few minutes later, she withdrew her hands from his neck, with a smile at the corner of her lips, “its getting too cold, lets go in” as she walks towards the room taking him by his hand. She lets him walk in, pulls the sliding door to shut, the room left chill by the wind, the sound that was filling the room was shut out now. It was only the two of them, a bed, a light, the chill air from the air conditioner, the table beside her bed, a larger mirror on the wall, a closed wooden wardrobe. She draws the curtain close, dims the light, he stood there with his back towards her, she came behind him, she let her right hand slip under his arm and moved in front, when her left reached in front and clutched on his shirt at his shoulder. She held herself tight against him, she needed that warmth and she had forgotten what it likes to be in his arms. He stood there feeling cold at the same time his body was reacting to her closeness.

Her left hand fingers trailed from shoulder to his collar to his top button, only to feel it unbuttoned already as she comes down slowly, as she unbuttons one after the other until its let loose. She takes a step back moving away from his body and taking his shirt off him, he turns around to face her, she takes a step forward, running her fingers through his thick hair, as he comes down to take away the light, she last remembers his dark eyes looking deep into hers before she closes her eye lids. She felt her lips being sealed by his, she felt her heart beat rising, her chest heaving against his and he stood there still unmoved yet. She was wanting for the moment to last; she wanted the time to be still. He felt her waves of intense passion passing through her. He wanted to stop her there, but he couldn’t, he wanted more of her, his hands moved on both sides of her, drawing her close, for the first time he wanted her. They both moved to the bed, her fingers went to the switch right next to the head rest, still locked in each other’s passionate need for that physical intimacy, her fingers stumble upon the switch to turn it off. Brings her fingers back to brush it through his thick hair once again and hold him steady.

Their passion was only getting more tensed as each second passed. He broke away from the kiss, her eyes slightly open, her fair face looks flushed, he noticed that she didn’t have any make up on her and in his mind he thought, and she looked more beautiful than the artificial skin over her real beauty. A soft smile, she asked him “what is that you see new in me today”, he moved his upper body back, resting his hands on the soft bed, she was sitting on top of him, with her legs on either side, he paused for longer than he second, in his mind he had one answer, but his lips blurted out to say something else, “you look more beautiful in this darkness, without any make up, on top of me”, she giggled and feel on his chest throwing her hands around him, she softly kisses on his cheeks, his hands quickly come around her. She whispers in his ear, “do you have any plans for tomorrow morning” still resting her cheek on his, with a soft kiss on he right cheek he replies “if you want me to leave before your husband shows up tomorrow morning, its alright, you can say it straight away”. She moves away from his body and punching his arm, once again she wiggles her hand in a slight pain, “what are you” she pauses and looks deep into his eyes, like the look of a longed lover, “would you like to have some breakfast with me tomorrow” she looks into his eyes for an answer, he pauses, “only if you promise to let you take you next friday night”. She slaps his arm once again, “so your not going to come see me until then”, she giggles softly and falls back on his chest, putting her hands around him pulling him for a tighter embrace, “yes, you can take me out next friday” with that she closes her eyes and resting on his chest, she could hear his heart beat in a perfect rhythm but only against hers. He runs his long finger through her hair softly, until his finger tips meets the end of her long straight her. He fights the thoughts of his only love, for he is with another woman, in her apartment, in her bedroom, with her on top of him. He was letting the guilt run deep into his skin, blood, his mind, he wanted to shatter every memory of her love, the pain, everything about her. Tonight he made a promise to himself; he would never be the same guy he promised he would be forever to his love.

He took her into his arms in a tighter embrace, lifting her body in his arms as he laid her next to him. They both made love, the word love only in the physical sense, into the nights until she retired in his arms, she turned around, letting him snuggle her from behind. Her face blushed, her body feeling weak and tender; she was laying there right next to him. The night’s coldness made her want his warmth more, she pulled up the sheet to cover her body and she was feeling shy for the first time for the night. She pulled his arm around her, her hair was brushing against his face, tickling him and she pulled them in front to cover her naked neck. She closed her eyes within few minutes and he laid there trying to wash away his emotions with guiltiness. He knew that nothing will be the same again. His eyes closed in the following minutes.

His arms felt empty, when he tried to open his eyes, flashes of memory of last night run wild in his head. He managed to draw a smile as he barely opened his eyes and there she stood, waiting with a cup of coffee in her hand. “Rise and shine boy, tired of last night”, she stood there in his white shirt and nothing else, handing him his cup of coffee. He sat up, pulling the sheet over, “morning” he said, he smiled back at him, walked over to her bed, “good morning” she replied. She sat next to him, she pulled his left arm over her and around her neck, he pulled her closer, a soft peck on her lips, she said “thanks for last night, I didn’t think you were going to show up”. He cheekily replied, “though we agreed on no thanks, no regrets”, she shyly replies “yes, I take it back” she kisses him back.

They both enjoy the sunday breakfast in bed. She was in his arm that’s all she wanted of him, his closeness, to make him forget about his pain. She began to say “I have something to tell you”


Lady divine said...

you're getting so much better at this! This piece is just awesome!!!


Are you the next Pleasure Principle in town? ;)

Very well written!!! I LOVED it! and the way you've ended it is also really good..:) Waiting for the next one..:)

Gadgetgirl said...

Oooo.. I like I like. :D

Hehe @ what LD said? :P

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

LD, GG: thank u thank youzzzzzz.

You ladies what have you'll been upto ah... :P

Well await the next few chapters..

Cant believe i've done 8 chapters.. :D

Little Miss Tam Jay said...

I just realised im reading this backwards... This is just too interesting to be wasted with browsing, to be printed and read properly! Sigh- finally something interesting...

Ramesh said...

I'm reading it back word too... It's very interesting!