Monday, November 02, 2009

~ fat ~

"dude u've gotten fat / buffed / put on / heavy" is the comment i get from ppl these days who havent seen me in sometime and when we bump into each other. What prompted me to write this, i got this comment twice on one night.. :D had one of those weekend right from friday to sunday partying and yes im standing - at 3 in the morning at work. Fridy night at LUSH ended somewht early, Saturday at Zouk as long hrs into Sunday morning and followed with afternoon at the beach. i actually felt good getting out this much after a very long time..on the other hand, drinking was at all time low, i think the whole of the weekends drink would have summed to my normal one night partyin!! dissappointing on tht account though..

back to the topic, yeh i've gained about 10 since i stopped hitting the gym the last 6 months, eating sleeping sitting in one place, eating sleeping... work routine.. you get the pic, thats wht i've been doing. so that has left my body to expand or rather not fit atleast, not tht im the size of a big pig... well i dont know - 5-10, 80K, dark, bad afro.. wht do u say?!?!? . i've never really bothered until the frequent comments, not that im bothered, just wanted to know how to reply back..? Excuse (keyword) i use is "I've stopped working out" but i dont know how long i can use it for....

- Simple - Thank you?

- more sarcy - You look ugly.

- Simple - Just smile?!?!?

just a bored musing on a monday morning as im about to get off from work (its still 10.30) :-P mmmwwwaaahhhaahah...

on another note - wht do you ppl think of the story so far, i've managed to write 8 chapters, for a guy who failed english in skool. but i can promise the next two chapters would be treat if you'll plan to stick around.. :P or not hehe. you'd have to tell me. my style of writing has changed, i dont know how many like it or dont. want to know what you'll think how its been so far.

Hope everyone had a good weekend (was it trick or treat) and have a good weeek....


Angel said...

Sigh... I've been getting the "fat" comment a lot. my initial reaction was to stop eating... a strategy that for obvious reasons, lasted less than a week. Now I just reply "so? you got a problem?"

Looking fwd to the next couple of chapters...

Gadgetgirl said...

Ive been getting comments on reverse meaning thin -_- & I hate that! Buh however hit the gym once in a while will u! :D

Yes Yes ur style has changed in a good way though and Am looking forward for it. :)
Hope u have a good week , LS!

Anonymous said...

Hello fatso! The stories are very nice, and yeah the style has changed ! I maybe wrong, yet now i find it almost similar to an 18 yr that writes too! Are u both reading each others work or what? keep up the stories!And the new blog header is nice!


Anonymous said...

yo broh

i've been getting that "U're fatter than before" " get thin will u " for the last five years

some say that i'm proportionate u know for a guy hu is 6 feet 2 inches tall but most of the time i get this "ohh u've gotten fatter than earlier" all the time

just ignore men
the more u think and answer back the loosers who say u r fat the more depressed/saddened u get ( or at least i do)

ohh i almost forgot my english writing skills suck too (but i've Ace'd English at school ) the more u write , the more u get better !

Anonymous !

Cadence said...

Just ignore. I get mixed reactions all the time. Sometimes its uv put on sometimes its uv lost weight! So iv just learnt to workout reasonably, eat healthy and try to keep my weight in check.

Theory I use is if u cant find clothes tht look good on u and fit u, then ur fat! Till then just ignore :D

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Angel: where you been hiding? still getting caught choc handed.. :P hehe well i never deprive myself from indulgance in food.. :D thanks.. will make the chapters a trick or treat.. ;-)

GG: oh well ur not one of those size 0 chicks are u?!?! yes yes me will try to make it to the gym..Thanks..

Indy: Oh well ur 18yr old hasnt written in a while has he? well mine's a lil mature(adult) content i suppose.. :) thanks...

Anon: Dude.. i'd kill to have tht height. like you say.. im somewht broad.. n buffed looking.. so i use to pass it off easily. Thanks bro..

Cadence: i guess im missing all of that, working, eating healhy(guilty n charged for heavy meaty meals) n abt ur theory, brilliant one.. ;-)

Thanks all for the backing up.. :D

Dee said...

fat/thin comments are typically Sri Lankan conversation-fillers/starters. Don't mind it, just make sure u dont say it. ;)

santhoshi said...

Just smile or ignore. I have noticed that sometimes people say u have lost weight just to get a favour out of u and say u are fat when they are annoyed with u about something. While u have not gained or lost. Just an observation.

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Dee: it was actually conversation starter!! guess its just lankan style... :D come on.. im sure u have better things to say when u meet someone at a club.. !??!?

Santhoshi: yeh i guess its a lil mind game they try to play.. :D