Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~ the morning after ~

A thin ray of light goes across his face, the mid morning warm sunlight making him feel stuffy. Rubs his eyes with his left hand, scrunching his cheeks, trying to open his eyes but failing to, his head resting on an unfamiliar cream colored pillow larger than his usual one. A cold shiver runs across his body, lifting himself off the bed in one jerk, flashes of memory from last night running inside his head, making him remember how he ended up in this bed. Calls out for her in a low voice, soft tone, but nothing other than his own echo filling the room. Getting off the bed in much reluctance, he couldn’t stay any longer; he didn’t have any reason to be there the morning after. Turns his head to his left to the bedside table, to find a large white mug with a yellow post it note under it. A soft hideous grin on his face, he gets off the bed, picks up the mug, pulling the note off bedside table. Reading it in his mind, “ going out to get some stuff, help yourself for some breakfast, car keys on the front table, ill pick it up in the evening, c u soon xoxo, p.s. thanks for last night.” Crushes the paper in his palm as he sips the coffee, looking around for his red sweatshirt and his denim, he finds them on the rack by the side of the bed.

He pushes the curtains aside and the bright sunlight hitting his face making him squint his eyes, brings his arm over his eyes as he turns his back to the light, looking at the cream clean sheet double bed, flashes of memory of last night runs through his mind, running both his through this thick hair, feeling the cream on his fingers, thinks to himself, “he needs to wash off everything from last, but this is not the place” gets into the jeans and pulls the sweatshirt over his head, putting his shoes on in a haste, almost ironic how he began last night, how he was rushing to the cab. Picking up the keys and rushing out to the car at the basement, speeding away from the car park to the roads and finds himself back at his house soon. Opens the door, walking into empty hall, feeling lucky he doesn’t have to answer those pressing question where he was last night to his mother. Picking up the towel he rushes over to the shower. A nice long cold shower to wash away the cream off his hair, the sin of his skin from last night he thought, but this sin was not going wash away from his skin soon. His phone screen starts flashing of a name, not sure if he should pick up the phone, picks it up with no second thought as seconds pass. “Hey baby, where are you” a sweet soft voice on the other end, “just got home and after a shower, thanks for last”, she cuts him short, “no thanks, no regrets, got it?” in a more stern and pressing tone. “fine, no regrets, no thanks, can I take you out for dinner”, “is this a pity dinner or is this a cue card for round 2” in a more sheepish tone from her. “I want to see you”, ill come pick you up from home”, she cuts him short again with long sigh “no, come over, I’ll cook, I’m not that bad”, “ok, see you at 8?” she replies, with a sigh he replies “sweet, see you at 8”

Feeling drowsy, he finds himself on the bed, flash of memory of last night strikes him once again of how he was on another bed, skin to skin, chill air filling the room, the way her fingers went over his back, pulling him on top of her, his large frame covering the light from the overhead dimmed lights. His hands resting on the soft mattress, her finger nails trailing over his spine, as she finds her finger tips on the ends of his curly hair, as she tangles his hair around her index finger and letting rest of her fingers of her right hand to hold his head steady by his hair, as he moves closer to her pout lips. He shakes his head and pulls a pillow over his head and letting eyes his close with the light fading away from his window blinds as the sunsets. Time pass, opening his eyes half way through after he feels a vibration close to the pillow, his phone screen blinking the name of the sad puppy face friend from the club. “hi” in a stern voice, “hello” back in a sleepy tone, “thanks for standing me up last night, I called to say I don’t want to talk to you again, bye” in a want to be rough tone. “Oh well like I said I had to go somewhere and got held up” replies still in a much sleepy tone, “what time is it” he asks. She rudely cuts him off, “why are you late to go somewhere, if you are, I’m happy”. “Oh come on, I’ll tell u later what happened, can I know what time is it?, “it’s half past 8”, he raises himself from the bed in one jerk, “what”, she replies quizzical “what, I said it’s half pat 8”, “oh shit I’m late”, she cuts off him again, “late for what, for your man whore shift?” in a much more rude tone. “I don’t have time for this, and you wouldn’t get it, I’ll call you later, I got to run”. She almost barks at him, “FINE, HOPE YOU GET NOTHING TONIGHT”, he replies to her “oh I love you too, call you tomorrow” hangs up in a haste and rushes to the shower, out of if in a whisk. Picking up the white shirt with blue pin stripes, something that he picks up for a night out in his relaxed jeans, rushes out of his door to the car and speeding away in the direction of the lady in red lingerie in the high tower of the city.

Straightens down his shirt, hiding the bunch of flowers and bottle of champagne behind him which he picked up in haste on the way; knocks on the door softly, “come in, its open” was the soft answer from other side of the road, he pushes the door with his foot, as he walks in and locks the door behind him. She walks up to him, throws her right hand over his neck, pulling him close to her, “you are late” with her cheek on his. “well I went to pick you these and they did take time” as he hands her the flowers, only a state of shock on her face with a slight blush, “you shouldn’t have” as she take the flowers from his hand, puts both her hands around his neck and pulls him for a closer hug, a little longer this time. She leads him to the leather couch, another sudden flash of last night, he pauses for a second as she leads him and pushes him to the couch. He flops down on the cushy leather couch, “no lights?” half quizzical and half amused why the lights were out, was the only question he could come up with. “Do I even have to answer that question?” was her quick witty reply. She walks into the dim of the kitchen, he pulls himself from the couch to walk towards the curtains thats hiding the light that’s light up the city and tonight he watches the same city only difference is the 15 floors.

Her finger tips crawling on his shoulder, feeling her nails even over his shirt, he puts his arms behind him to pull her closer as he softly falls on his back and right hand going over his shoulder and the other around his waist. She stays on for a little longer, both stand motionless; her head resting on his shoulder, his eyes fixed on the moving and still lights of the city, it was like watching abstract art in motion he thought. She pulls her hands slowly away from him; she pats him on his hard back, “let’s have dinner, hope you are hungry”, she questions him with soft smile drawn on the corner of her lips, “hope you didn’t cook” was his quick reply, as he finishes his words her right fist punches to his rib, only to withdraw her hand wriggling them in air in slight pain, “what are you?” as she moves away and pulling him along with her by her hand, he picks up the bottle of champagne as he passes the leather couch. A table set for two, lit by only a candle in the dead center, he sits her down and joins opposite her. “Your last chance of backing out from my awful cooking”, she says with half a smirk, “I think ill take my chances” was his quick reply. “Oh my goodness, I never knew you could cook so well”, was the compliment he could give her. He could still make out that she was blushing, even in this darkness. They wrap up dinner quick and he goes to settle on the couch with her larger screen on her wall lighting up the room a little more. She cleans out the table in haste as she puts them away behind the kitchen door which she closes and walks over to him. She slides slowly on the arm of the couch as she slips on top of his lap, pulling her dress down over her exposed fair thighs. “Hey no peaking” as she move his face away from her thighs to face her. He can only draw a large grin, looking deep into her eyes, pushing his hands around her waist, her hand holding his face in a still position, still looking deep into her eyes, “what are you getting from this?” was a question he has been wanting to ask. A soft sad smile was her reply, “I want to know why” he was persistent and he wasn’t going to let go. “You want to know why” and a pause before her next words.


Gadgetgirl said...

Wow, Lostsoul. This was good.
Do I see a continuation?

Btw, HOT HEADER! :D Hows u been?

Lady divine said...

I'm totally with GG
and the header - whoaaaa

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

GG: next one is almost done. I've been beat for the past 3 weeks, but still going on.. :) how u?

LD: ;-) im trying to find inspiration for a header for you..