Sunday, October 18, 2009

~ bloggers i've met (tagged) ~

Well not alot...Sorry to disappoint. only two blogger i know personally or in real is the all popluar *drum roll, loud trumpet, multicolored balloons, fireworks, u know the whole works*.....

your none other than...

~ LADY DIVINE ~ well i know her ever since i've been in sl (minus 1yr), been in the same skool. we kinda lost touch after i quit skool early, but bumped into each other and after work n different paths, totally lost touch until we met online..wonders of msn, we wre back together talking away..through my turmoils n female drama's.. i think she was like the first few of my reader of emo posts, back then i was scribbling on myspace is it.. cant even remember(was limited to only a very very very few ppl). She is indeed DIVINE i tell you, one of the most sweetest ppl i've met in ma life, who is there to listen any time..

~ Thacks ~ the second blogger, 1st stranger to meet in person. Very nice guy, damn down to earth, always has words of wisdom like a older brother. met him a couple of times i think before he left to another land. awesome designer, all you ladies should get in touch with him, but he has to come after me. deal?!? hehe im glad i did meet him.

i think the post ends there... :) sadly i've not met anyone in person though i know a few ppl more than whats said in the blog i guess.

First few ppl who happen to drop on the blog, after the move was:

Sweet Idiot - She was like the first to comment on my initial days of public posting(move over from spaces to blogger and added to kottu)

Evil Lankan ~ he was the first to comment on my post n we kinda clicked. he was like the older version of then evil me.. :D guy has not posted anytin in a long long time. wonder wht he is doing now!!

then came along Featherman, Thacks and lot of ppl to the recent more ones..

I know this post is like the worst of wht i've written so far, been in draft for over 2 weeks i think.. i just want to get rid of it.. until i move to the next ones.

how come no one said anythin about the latest chapter..?!?! skipped out on everyone or was it boring?!?!

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Lady divine said...

you're a good friend..:)
and I SO agree - Thacks is one awesome down to earth guy who makes a lovely friend..:)