Wednesday, October 07, 2009

~ get me out of this club ~

The purple laser lights keeps lighting his face up every second n then and in between a red. He sips his poison from the short and fat glass. This is his second for the night. Taking the last draw of the poison looks into the empty glass and somehow his reminds of him eventually. He is going to be that empty glass eventually. Music blaring loud, the tunes which he danced to happily, endlessly into the wee hours until he has had too many to drink too many to stand straight and legs starts to go numb from moving on the floor, but not tonight. His head usually nodding to the sound of beat, his fluid legs moving suave on the floor, none of it today, his left hand stuck in his left jean pocket, his right on the glass holding it tighter, as he holds it up to the barmen nodding his head for another, his legs stuck in one place like two pillars of a fortress. The barman pours right from the bottle, looks into the poison bashing against the glass and filling up, still waiting to fill more than the last time he filled it, asks him to stop when it reaches almost half the glass, “rough night boy?” asks the elderly barman, his usual. Nothing other than a soft sad smile on this face as reply, the barman nods back. A mutual pain understood by each other. Picks up the mixer, just a little to mix with the poison, way less than the time he started tonight. He came out for all out tonight, he looks over his shoulder, making sure his friends having a good time. He isolated himself from them; he didn’t want to drag them down with his sorrow. Nods his head at one of them, the one who has been watching over him, helping him silently cope with all the pain, she waves at him to come over imitating a sad puppy face. He turns his head back, feeling a strain on his neck, takes another sip of his favorite poison, making him feeling a little sick, scrunching his face, holding his muscles tight, takes another long sip from the glass. Feeling a burning sensation rushing down his gut making him remember he hadn’t had anything to eat since afternoon. Looks to his right, known by face, unknown by names, smiles at them, returned with a nod and smile. Goes back to sipping his poison, feeling long slim fingers running on his back, all the way up to his neck, as he slowly turns his head and his body follows.

A well too familiar face with a sheepish grin, “hey babe” as her right hand goes over his neck, drawing him closer, his right around her waist and left around her back as she pecks on both his cheeks, a smile on the corner of his lips. “Drinking alone?”, “well no, my friends are over there”, still her hands over his shoulder, his around her waist, change in the music track, she turns her to face him with a sheepish grin and pulling him away from the bar, his feet still like two pillars, she turn around to him, “come on, your coming to dance with me”. Pushing himself off the bar stand rest and follows her to the fiber glass dance floor. His feet still doesn’t move much, she comes closer, turns around, taking his hand around her hips, whispers softly into his left ear “where’s my favorite dance partner?” replies only with a smirk as he rolls her out and pulls her back to knock against his body, twirls her around over head and pulls her back, her right hand going over his shoulder and holding him close, he whispers in to ear, “he’s here”. His feet thudding on the floor to the beat, as he swings her out, pulling up his sleeves on his sweatshirt, holding on to his buckle as he bust a move, swirling around her and his hand holds on her hip from behind, making her groove along with him as his hip moves left to right back n forth. She remembers how he moves, his feet does its twist and thudding on the fiber glass floor, raises his head up accidently brushing his lips over lips. He stood there frozen for a second; the DJ changes the track to heavier beat, his favorite track, a slight screech in awe, as she jumps up n down. A slight relief for him, as she takes the change in role in being the dance partner, swirling around him as she enacts the song, lends her hand out and pulling him closer turns her back to him, her hands around his neck, pulling him closer as he runs hands from her hip to the front of black deep neck top.

His heart skips a beat as he feels her hip tensely going against his hip, her right hand holding hold on his hand even closer, pulling them more closely. He twirls her out of his arm, to face her, her face slightly blushed, he could make that out even in this darkness with different shades of color running over her face n body. He glances below her neck, down to her bosom as he races his eyes back to her face. He turns his head the other way in embarrassment; she traces his eyes and even when it came back to her face. She walks closer to him, pulling him by his sweat shirt collar, almost as if a whisper in his ear among the musci she hushes out "let’s get a drink". He turns around and takes her hand in his, she stands still and then walks up to him when he stands still, whisper in his ear “drink only, you and me, say bye to your friends, will be waiting outside, don’t keep me waiting”. As she walks away from him from the floor, dodging other happy people, he looks around to see more couple in each others arms, faces sunk into necks, hands running over backs, shakes his head for a reason he didnt know.

Walks up to his bartender, pulling out his wallet, handing out the plastic, “calling it an early night son?” was the shot from him, “ya, I got company” was his reply, “you picking up the tab on the table of your friends?”, “ya, what ever has been ordered, taking it on the card”. Signs off the slip and takes the couple of notes to tip off his bartender, “have a good night”. He pulls out his phone and texts his friend, the one with puppy face who asked him to come over, “Sorry, I got to run out for a while, will be back soon, don worry about the drinks, it’s on me, enjoy it while I come back.” He takes the bottle of champagne and heads straight at the dark green overhead light board 'EXIT'.

As he walks out, the music shuts behind him, shaking his head to get his hearing to meet the ambience, hearing a horn, as he looks ahead, she waves for him. Walking over with the champagne and he gets in from the passenger side. Lifting up the bottle, “got your favorite drink, still like it don’t you?” she kisses him on his cheek, “save the sweet talk honey, its going to be a long night” as she wheels off from the gravel strip leading out from the gates of the club. Quickly making her way to her apartment car park, locking the car, as they both make it to the lift, level 15 lights up when she swipes her card, making it out of lift together, as he runs his left arm around her waist, pulling her closer and kissing on her soft hair. She opens the door, walks him in and locks it behind him. Make yourself comfortable, let me freshen up, as she starts to walk away from him, he pulls her by her hands, she stumbles and falls on him, she softly pats his chest, biting her lips, “what’s the hurry?”, she pats him once again, this time on arms, softly running her right hand over his neck, a soft peck of her lips on his cheeks, his hands running around her back. She leans forward getting on her toes and reaching up to him whisper in ear, “ill make sure, it’s worth the wait”. As her lips trail to his cheeks her hand comes away from his neck and he lets go of her. Watching her walk away from him, into the room, a dim light comes out through the door left open. He shakes his head in disbelief, picks up his phone from his jean pocket, 1 new message, reads it in his head, “thanks so much for stranding us”. Putting his phone back into his pocket not before he turns it to silent, sitting down on the couch, the leather couch, he rests his head on the head rest.

Not knowing his eyes closed, only to be tingled by neatly manicured finger nails, trailing on his neckline. Opening his eyes and sitting up to watch her walk over in front of him wearing red and black lacy lingerie. “special night?” only to be answered, “just for you”, sitting on the arm of the chair, as she runs her fingers through this thick hair, ruffling his curls. She slides onto his lap, and crossing her legs over to the other side of the arm rest. “You do know I was just dumped and this could mean a lot of things in a lot of different ways” she lifts her face up to him holding his face in her left hand and her right on his neck. Reaching in closer, he looks into her eyes, his arm around her waist, pulling her up to him, her smaller frame trying to fit along with his big frame. Her cheek resting on his large palm, as she softly brushes in them. Her eyes closes as he draws her even closer, holding his lip just a breath away from hers, his waiting wears off as she closes on his lips, slowly biting on his lower lip. He feels her finger tip clutching to the curl ends as her lips moves more intense on his and his on hers.

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