Tuesday, September 08, 2009

~ to me love is (tagged) ~

following the tag by santhoshi. after reading alot of what others bloggers had to say about love, gets me kinda wondering, is it small gestures that makes a person lovable or is it just ur inner feeling towards someone, something?

~ having my niece n nephew hug me when i go to visit them and chat with them.
~ my mom getting up very early morning just to make coffee before i go to work.
~ hugging those special friends.
~ giving someone in times of needy and walking away content.
~ and the same person saying thanks and meaning it.
~ being pampered by aunts, grandmom and grown up cuz's and cuz's husbands/wifes.
~ taking the lil cuzs out once in a while and mocking around at home even.
~ mum sometimes hugging you for no reason.
~ getting a text or seeing tht special someone(s) online.
~ your friends asking you to stop being insane atleast from now on, year after year on ur b'day card.
~ listening to the special someone say how you look good when you took the time to dress up for that person.
~ giving / getting hugs for no reason.
~ getting a call / msg from someone you havent heard the voice or not known the where about in a long time.
~ fighting for no reason and having to make up for it with cute talk.
~ messing up the hair of someone special.
~ lying on my mom's lap / belly watchin tv/movie.
~ the look on ppl's face who use to carry you when u wre a lil kid now awed at your size and looks.
~ spending even your last penny to make someone smile, knowing you've got walk to the take the bus instead of the tuk tuk.
~ being utterly broke, no way to call, you write a note to say you love someone.
~ wished, cared by strangers whom you havent met in your life on your b'day, breakdown/happy times.
~ being tagged by ppl :)

i dont think i have anyone left to be tagged... i know im late.. :D
just back in sl and back at work... :'(


santhoshi said...

:) welcome back. how is your ankle now?

INDY said...

Quite a nice list!! :)

Angel said...

Love your list... welcome back!

Gadgetgirl said...

Awww Love ur version =D
Welcome back!
What about Curd??? Did any cow get u orders?????

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Santhoshi: alot better, painfil sometimes..thanks.

Indy: the list is longer actually.

Angel: thanks..

Gadget girl: Thanks, lol the doc ordered me to stop walking around looking for curd :P