Saturday, March 15, 2008

~ still ~

still alive.. without a reason. waiting for the ending...
would fate bring my end or wud it be my own self
i have nothin left in this world
i have pain and a lil happiness left this heart
the happiness only seems to be dryin away each day
before i turn back to stone take me away


Mia said...

Holy smokes, this is depressing. Do you have anyone to talk to? Go out with friends and have fun and if this is about a girl, there are plenty more out there equal or better than your last. I wonder if I should write a post about it... about love..

"i have nothin left in this world"
At 22 you have everything to look forward to

CCS-lover said...

Boy, you have to get out of that hole! It's been eons since you'v been so down..
A change of scenery? NOT india btw! and skip england too..

Lady divine said...

oh dear... looks like I need to break that resolution now!!
nice to see you here..:)

Indyana said...

What you need is a solid whack on the head!!! Stop saying this nonsense abt ending it and stuff!Please get out of this frame of mind, and enjoy life!LS did you get it! Got it I hope!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

MIA: you should really write a post on love... lets see how it is in ur pov. I do have ppl to talk to, but nothin really helps.

Moo: change of screnery might.. i know its been a long time, but wt to do.. :-)

LD: and the resolution was....?

Indyana: I think ppl have tried the wack on the head, hasnt really helped much.. :) i have to dwell in my own solitude n go deep until its the bottom of the pit.. i do wanna be happy n enjoy life.. but sometimes loniless creeps and gets the best of me..

thanks everyone..

Mia said...

Ok a love post coming up but I will not have time to sit and write till until after Saturday. What is "pov"?

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

"point of view"