Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ lo$t again ~

everythin around doesnt mean anythin anymore
all i ever did was i loved you more each day
and it just wasnt enough for both of us
we parted away with a smile and tear in our hearts
today im here nothin but to love you still
you would never understand the love i had for you
each day passes by only with ur smile in my mind
ur fragrance still in my memory
all i wanna do is just to walk away from it all
but i cant seem to find the strength in my heart to do that
all i wanted to give u happiness
so i let you go
n today im so lonely n too tired to keep fightin
i cant fight no more, just too much of misery
im nothin but dead in my heart
nothin but pain
nothin but broken heart
wud it ever end
wud i ever get tht same love again

i thought i wud be over you sooner
but there is so much u dont know
so much i didnt i had for you
evrythin around me is so blur
everythin around me doesnt matter no more
all i want is ur love
which i wud never get again
why did i ever let u go
do i even know your happy
do i know the smile is not fake
am i being blind that you've moved on
im still stuck here with the love i have for you
tried to move on so many ways
i can only think just to forget everythin
everythin reminds about u
everythin around me reminds about you

what did i ever do to make u fall for me
n today im nothin but fallen
far too gone to come back
not this time, not again
just too lost n cant find my way
all i wanna do is end the misery im goin tru
no one can love me the wy u did
u filled the heart with so much of love
now its so heavy n i cant go on like this forever
take my pain away, take away the love you put in there
take away the memory, take away everythin u had
i cant do this anymore
i cant live everyday with a smile thats not for you
im jus throwin away wht i have today

all i wanted was to make you happy
wud i ever know that i made u happy
wud i ever get to see that innocent smile
wud i ever get to feel in my arms again
hate to ever think u just left just like that
u gave me hope, u gave me love
now you took it all way within a breath
before i ever even knew what i've lost in my life
the rainin aint stoppin filled with tears
this aint how we suppose to be
this aint wht we dreamed of
where did we lose each other n end up in misery
why cant i hate u n forget you
why cant i move on
why does my mind tell me u havent left me yet

i've tried to look for my way
end up with nothin but just ur memories
please tell me how do i end it al
end all this pain n love for you
am i payin the price for not loving only you
why did u even leave me alive
u shud have taken away my life when u left me
u took away the life in me n left only body
today i've lost my soul to you
goin gone for ever, like you wanted it to be urs 4evr.


Indyana said...

My boy, your posts are getting very painful and it is hard to see someone so young feel like this.Can you not try to divert your mind through work perhaps?

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

well it is painful n hurtin, mostly self inflicted.. i wud say. work is just too hectic.. but when im at home n alone.. i jsut think about her too much.. which i know i need to stop doing.. or im just goin to put myself to waste...

Lady divine said...

I can very much relate to that..:)
Lets meet up soon and talk over a drink or something, shall we?:)

Disease said...

If this post was read by the person u are telling about bro she would feel the pain u r having right now

try your best to move on bro.. try to keep yourself occupied.. spend time with your family and friends ... never let your mind wonder off to past memories cos bro its not worth it anymore ( hope u can understand what I am telling ) if u need a friend to talk 2 u can always contact me I have always been a friend to people who has faced situations like that and theres always room for more specially my friends :-D

Dont give up hope bro and remember best things r saved for the last moment so who knows the future might have a bright light waiting for you.. just for you and only for you .. :-D

Take Care Bro and All the Best...


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

its not tht easy man.. its just too much inside me..!! letting go of her means letting of all the times i've been happy with her.. n everythin i had durin tht time..!! its just a part of me..

CCS-lover said...

If its causing you this much hurt at the present hon, and since you cant live in the past would'nt it be the best thing to try and forget the times you have been happy with her?
You'll get through this bro, just believe in yourself.. It's okay to let go and things will get better.. They have to right?