Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~ its been a while ~

been running too wild, far too long
its easy to say im just 22 for now
to say its just the beginning n not the end
for all i know nobody fits ma shoes
cos im the animal iam
there is nothin i can do about it
its goin to be the wilder
im search of my end with no destiny

hating to have let go of u
but i had to, now regrettin n weepin over it
time to wake up from this
let go of ma love let go of the pain
let myself be the stranger iam
hearts so cold like u say
takin ma mind of you

with no feeling no emotions
its all the doubts and gaps fillin between me n u
there is nothin that you can do now to fill the gap
wish i can let my soul fly from this body
close my eyes n go to rest for ever
could you grant me the eternal rest

i didnt ask to you love me
i was fine before you swept the ground i was standing on
this life doesnt have no justice
why is that everytime i love its got to be taken away
there is nothin in my life which is goin to make me feel better
words cant heal ma pain nor stitch it back like how it was
just left me back n packed ur bags n flew far away

u cant say anythin now to make it right
whtevers done is goin to stay as it is
where ever ur right now, ur love is gone
its just me alone here, there is nothin u can abt it
u cant ask me to be a better man
you've for me stranded me and trapped in your web
i cant seem to walk away, i keep circling back
would i ever know the exist to this
spending time alone thinknin abt u n me

love aint enough this world to make a relationship work
u need everythin else for the love to work
i did go crazy every second i think about
when u left me lovestoned
thinkin about you use to love me
i cant wake up everythin thinkin how we spent time
just aint right no more cos everythings too far back
too long for you to remember

can u give me back the nights thinkin abt u
wondering if u'd be thinkin abt me
everythin so still here while i see u move fast across me
u've left me no number left me no name left me nothin
why am i sayin it now wht i shud have told u wen u left me
nothins goin to change, nobody can rewind
its gone far too away for me to reach
and i still cant seem to find the close
end it all for me, right now right here
this is to since a year you walked away n let me go
and the years of pain its going to be

1 comment:

Lady divine said...

I feel this too LS... it's hard... but we gotta get moving... for time ain't waiting for any of us....