Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~ behind curtains ~

i dont know why u got to hide behind curtains
wht can i do to make u come out of it
tell me how u feel for me
sittin up here dreaming about the pain n love
everythin seems to have changed
my body has forgotten how ur hands crush mine
how evertime ur lips meet mine sends shivers down my spine
ur baby soft skin rubbin mine cheek
but in my mind all too fresh to ever let it go
the smell of ur hair, ur kiss, ur skin
i still can feel the gloss on my neck before left me
how ur hands crushed me and held onto it longer
i never relaised that u wre goin to leave me
wanted to hold me one last time before never forever

im suppose to be stronger than this
what happened to my castle with all those high walls
where did it all go before you
u just stepped up and if all fell n tumbled
left u see the real me
behind the bad boy, the animal, lost cause
there was someone who believed in hope love and you
when everyone else was just another name just another number
u stood there until i walked and took u in my arms
someone i'd never forget in this life time
not even my soul would know to forget the happiness you gave
the time u've made smile when everythin fell apart
the deep look into ur eyes which gave me hope
your caring words and warmth that gave me love
and the friend that you gave me of urself
i can never forget the love which i had for you

what happened to the promises we made
we stick till the end no matter wht comes through
im still stickin to my end of the deal
waiting for you to pick me up where u left me
but the flight you took is just on one way ticket
no return no look back
just promsises and questions left unaswered
im here looking for the trace where i went wrong
maybe i wasnt the one who wre looking to take home
thought u knew that before we even started anything
has social staus, money, car, greener pasture bought ur love off me
did it settle our promises
everyone's got a price, everything got a price
i never could afford to buy u off that

days have passed me by n its been a year since u let go
it still feels likes yesterday ur voice ringig in my ear
your last cry i heard from you n i was a fool to say it be alright
all the while been the fool to believe in love
to believe somethin good as u wud ever last for ever in my life
there is a pain which crushes my heart each time i keep think abt us
wish it wud crush n flush the blood out of my heart
so it stops beating n let my lo$t $oul rest in peace
a wish no one can fulfill for me a eternal only which only u can put me to
i need to stop cryin over you, i need to stop thinkin abt us
u've moved on, it times for me to move on
not to someone else, but on with my life
u'd be fresh in my mind for longer than you know
i can't let anyone else take your place
there is not enough room to anyone
u've taken it all, stolen n lost it


Lady divine said...

if it's meant to be, it'll come back LS... but you need to distract yourself..and occupy yourself all the time to take your thoughts away from this... it's hard..but we dont alwys get what we want.. I know some people do.. but we're not always lucky... or.. maybe it's coz of luck that things happen this way..:)

Take it easy.. it's been a long time now... *hugz*

Disease said...

"u've moved on, it times for me to move on.."
Just take a look at this line again bro I think it will make you realize that this line should be put in 2 action since its been such a long time.. I know am not the person to give you advice or judge you on this whole matter and I also know how much you have loved her and how cruel for her to break your heart and go leaving you like feeling like this..

but as a friend I would just ask you bro "Does she worth your tears anymore? " I know its not easy
but a soul can never be lost only the body and memories :-)

As Lady D said just get yourself to much distraction as possible.. if u feel lonely and need someone to talk to never hesitate to reach for me I have been there for most of my friends who has faced these kind of situations and that doesn't mean I cannot add one more :-)

take care yourself bro and be strong as much as you you still have a life
don't let the past memories darken
your future cos in the end she will be the only one winning

bye for now bro and as I said if u need a friend 2 talk 2 don't hesitate to buzz me :-)