Wednesday, November 22, 2006

~ x-mas wish list ~

ok, call me a grown up brat for stil having a wishlist. i don believe in santa, but i believe in friends, hek hek hek. well not really, i've been treating myself n others for christmas, never really gor anythin.. ok this is another wy of telling ppl wht i wud like this christmas. although i don "celebrate" celebrate, just myself n mom at home, nice lunch and thats about it. thts how its been for sometime now. leaving that, here's the list:
1 - game console: doesnt matter PS2/3, x-box, definitely no WII, tht is just tooooo(im lost for words) ahhh sickenin to be called a game console, its like wank exerciser(except without all the pleasures)

2 - tech toys: mainly a graphic tablet(so in need if u want to see ma designs in digital :P), i dont know if i want ipod?!?! a new fone maybe.... xtnal hard drive maybe, WIFI/CDMA card for lappie. thts it for now im just blank.

3 - accessories: hmmm clothes i'd buy, though sl really doesnt have much to my taste. shoes are wy too expensive, im not botherd to cough up 12-15K on a shoe. though i have a major craving for shoes. specially bball, old skool reebok, converse designer. i spend so much time online on nike site designin ma shoes and then "SIGH" and clear it off. they don ship to asia, even if they did, shipping cost is about the same as the shoe.. so rather buy it in sl store. definitely watch is necessary for this christmas. i havent sported a watch for nearly 3-4 years, since i broke ma fav. didnt have the heart to buy another watch. a bracelet is line, im thinkin of going for charm braclet- with various hanging itenaries or chainlink or something else. any suggestion?? i sport a half seashell bracelet and a rubberband on the other wrist. Jeans - a dammm must, the hunt begins!!! more sweat shirts. recently i cant seem to get enough out of sweatshirts.

ok now in the dreamworld wish list

total tech setup - (if any of you guys read this and make it real in your life, please please be kind enough to invite me to your place, so i can kill you n take over the stuff hak hak hak, jus kidding, you make me jealous and the same face BRAD PITT had in the start of the movie MR(S)SMITH, remember the line "... there are times when you wish you could......", heehe)

one dedicated system, dont care HT, Dual core, hell i don care QUAD proccessor, better be good enough and never to cough when i load shit on you. a LCD / Plasma TV to take up the entire wall to fit in and crack into the next room as well. gamin console, nah not really when i have crackhead pc why seperate gaming, ill just fix up ma system to tv, but with console controllers. surround speakers to make your a** feel the vibration when the title of the movie is playin or tht heartstopping race scene in a movie. no need of a seperate music system, just plug it out to all the rooms in the house, more like piped music or split console music selection system(i need music while showering) a big leather couch, hi-speed internet access. thats good enough i suppose

vehicle - if i own a bike, there is no point in buyin what u cant drive legally, i should be able to show off any any given time. rave n race up with the bike. a decent 250 cbr/fireblade/bandit would do. although there are other option. Car - hmm now this better have the muscle when i push the pedal to the floor. im talkin about old school american muscle. Mustang, Hemi, Barracuda are my fav of the old skool. latest of coming of age - ENZO, F50, Cayman S, 911 Turbo, Diablo. thinking about mods - EVO, Lancer, thats it.

ok thats it for now, im goin to get back to real life(borin and sad) for now and forever and live it ssdd. do post up your list.


Featherman said...

Man u got some serious pot of wishes! Well even few will come to life within this decade that for sure ha.

1.Game console – yyyyyep it’s a must. But one time I bought this steering wheel and stuff from my old ps2 but it sucked. I heard only few games support the real thing like the ‘Grand turismo ‘. So I returned that piece of shit. But I would love to check out the ps3 or the xbox 360. Grrrrr.

2. These stuff man u can’t talk and end it. There are so much in the market and so little in our pockets. Hak hak

3. I do like shoes and stuff but I kinda figured out that Im not buying that much of cloths now. I wonder why. I gave away hell of a lot of cloths to Tsunmi charities. Some of them were not worn even once. And I understood that Im overdoing it. Even though how much I spend on cloths there will be only one two favorites in the wardrobe. Now I have few t’s and trousers plus 3 pairs of shoes. That’s it.

I would love to have a dedicated system too. Maybe in due time 

And talk about vehicles Im seriously not interested. Not a bike or car or what ever. My friends ask me why the hell I don’t want any. The answer is “I don’t know why”. Im still happy to travel by bus and 3wheeler. That’s it.

Lady divine said...

i always need a vehicle..i hate public transport - not that i've used it much...but it's very convenient when u hv ur own vehicle...only prob in SL in indequate parking!

that's quite a wishlist Lostsoul! better make plans to save and earn them urself...if i get the chance to get hooked onto a prince, i'll get some of them for ya..;)

i didn't understnd what most of the high tech stuff were though!:S

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

FM: if only i had é $$$$$$$ man, rest is smooth as silk ;-)!! hehe well im somewht not a major of driving, just for the kick of owning some beauties and a cruise by once in a while. im a disaster with two wheels.

LD: hmmm ill ask santa for that, you get hitched to a prince so u can get me some of the stuff ;-) hehehe tech toys don worry... leave it to the boys..