Friday, November 17, 2006

~ being lo$t / mi$$ing ~

it all started on a late night at office, heavy browsing through some devianart stuff and killin my brain, wud i be able to achieve atleast 1% of the works in there... its just toooo good stuff there. leaving that, suddenly the net bonked off. since im using ma superviosor login(right now we both are in diff location) so sent a mail.. no reply, chased it up the next morning. get a freaking long mail, to put in simple multiple logins are causing his login to access fail to some sites. so he resets the password n im not allowed of it. darn there goes ma least privilage of spending time with some mode of entertainment or amusement. no net means doomsday for me. i was only able to read the comments left by ppl cause it comes to ma office mail(somehow i was smart on that ;P)hehe. well actually ppl wre looking for me.. thts the greatest feeling in sometime.. do ppl actually read ma scribblin n want me more to scribble like this all the borin things...hak hak(ok i copied this from my grlie n now i think im payin the price for it.

LD: she's in sl now, but im not.. too bad you have to wait..

so wth (i wud hav used wtf, but im not in such a pissy mood so im goin with *hell) was i doing all the while.
1. the mouse button is starting to shake lil bit when i even keep ma finger, cause i've pressed it so many times on send/receive button in ma mailbox.
2. never have i felt the length of 10hrs in a day like the days of my last+, tht was so disastrous. you wouldnt believe there was so much of time and to do that no work as well, i've had only 5 calls for the entire day!!
3. with all the free time, which bored the daylight off, went into the habit of sleepin in office. actually the entire last week i was sleepin for nearly a hr or less..
4. drawing all the insane design i can think of, thankfully i have a seperate cabin, but its not covered, ppl outside can see wht im doing. hell with that n went to sleep and do all the drawing
5. admist all this, finally decided to go see ma aunt n the rest. well thts somethin i wouldnt regret at al. its a fairly long trip in the bus, 5Hrs & 2 bus(lucky). it was kinda bumping, i was the only one sitting on my seat, i get tossed into the air n then back on my seat with my rib cage smashin into ma lungs.

the most funniest things is when i landed at ma aunts house at 5 in the mornin, they didnt who had come knockin at this hr in the morning. they didnt recognise me. i was like its me your bro's son!!. well wht can i expect it was tht time in the morning n i didnt even tell them i was comin :D was talkin with ma aunt in the wee hours, all the pleasantries and the all the family blah blah's. i was in no sleep.. my time of sleeping has passed.. ihave to sleep before 4/5 thts it.. other its only after 8 or 9 i'd sleep and get up within a hr.. so slept at abt 8 n then woke up after a hr.. as i put ma jeans to get out, i get the frown look from my aunt n uncle,"u just got home, where are you going?" - "i have to see all the ppl in a day, so ill be back before dinner". snooped out and then headed to ma uncles, then another one, then ma aunt(dad's sis) and then ma cuz place..
lucky timing ma cuz husband was just getting home from work. spend some time with ma niece n nephew, cute buggers.. lil n not so lil as well.. sitting n chatting around. it was time to get home before ma aunt starts blowing sirens. went home, but cudnt resist to stay at home, packed up ma laptop and went to ma uncle's place, ma cus got adsl, and tht guys is insane in downloading. NFL Madden is the only guy i managed to rip from his drive and few other softwares which i didnt manage to get it myself.. cracked version of Media player11 and few other stuff. im a day early for getting NFS Carbon & FIFA 07.. arrrh.. he was downloading which wud take a day or two. so backed back home, nice home made food(sweeeeeeeeetttttt stuff like nothin) i love my aunts cooking more than mom's...

was up untill 2 in the mornin playin NFL n kicked to bed. then it was a boring sunday. well nothin much to do n i was lazin around and copin some of ma niece's pic's n videos who lives in col for ma aunt n them but her player didnt manage to read, had to write them seperatly. had a heavy home made lunch. yummy yellow rice with thick indian chicken curry and fried.. gosh the taste is still in ma tongue. rolled straight to bed. n woke up a hr later time to pack up n leave. and ma other cuz shows up with her lil batta kid, cute.. was talkin to em.. then time to get going, with all the bye bye's..after instructing and WARNING im not goin to carry anythin for my mom or anyone back in sl, everyone sends stuff.. i refused n refused, finally gave up afer the naggin by my aunt. ok this is where the bad part starts - its raining, im wearing low jeans and i dont fold ma jeans, its been raining, so its muddy. i've got tip toe to walk around carryin a bag with heavy stuff n ma laptop. i so so freaking pissed with my aunt n them... im goin to be even more freaking pissed when i give these stuff to me mom n who ever else. i mean there is already stuff which ma uncle brought when he came to see me the week before and this again!?!?! it actually took 7hrs n 3 buses to come back.. and finally went to bed.. cos work during the day. a good weekend with a bad ending.

somehow begining of this week i managed to do some of other work and usual making report templates. breaking ma head with formulas n the wht not. so thts about the tale n boring long hours. somehow i manage to make a routine where ever i go or reside maybe.

well thts enough for now. if anyone has got down to reading this sentence, i'd buy your choc's when im back. not from the local kadee, but from dutyfree.. hehehe


Thackshila said...

Ls you owe me a choc...

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

oh dammm... hmmm you dont know when im comin.. ill pretend im in india when i do get to come to sl, hak hak hak(evil) hehe..
sure thing i'd bring ya..

Anonymous said...

Well I agree on the point on Deviantart. That place makes me go crazy. Now I dont know what i should really do. Photomanipulation , digital art, photography or comics. DAMN!!!

Good u went out of ur way and did some long travelling and stuff. Im really missing it. Im hoping to start my travel stuff again from next months with Adams peak- Featherman.

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

iche: thanks..

FM: i know man, i've started working on 3d modelling though, im doing a american chopper bike. i need your help in texturing. im at the completion stage of the bike. just the fuel tank, seating and attachin the reat wheel.. its not major, first try out... wht u workin on these days??

Anonymous said...

Oh great. Lets see how beasty ur machine is. I think Thaks will do a better job with texturing coz he has more experience than me.

These days I was working on some photomanipulation. And at the same time working on a wallpaper series on Sri Lanka. Ill post some soon. It's a different theme than the usual stuff -Featherman

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

good good, im having trouble modelling and engine for the chopper, anyone willing to help!!! im serious, i've got a vision for everythin on the bike, but the engine is wht i've stumbled upon n dont know how to model it!! so it stuck.. bike with no engine.. ill put up the frame work.. sometime..

Indyana said...

You have family there/ that means you probably speak some Malayalam. now let me try, "malayalam ariyum"? Other words I know are vellum which means water I think.Similar to tamil, so I can sort of follow it.

Lady divine said...

hey Lost soul!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooo glad that ur bk on the net..;)..and u seem to've had a gud time too...hey, u owe me chocs first!!!!!!;) now plzzzzzzzz don't bug me abt it ok..Thax comes 2nd..:)

So what's new??? u knw wat? I actually missed u the couple of days u didn't comment...and was wondering what happened to u and this morning i thought i'd put up a post saying "Where's lost soul?"...but then i saw that u were bk..:)

btw, u remember shanu? she's bk in SL..she's gonna be here and finish her studies here for the nxt 1 and half years... she's plannin to hv a get together at her place prolly early nxt month...coz her b'day is at the end of this month.. too bad ur not here..:(

Mr. Evil said...

whazaaaaaaapppppppppp !!!! hows it going man !!
i just got back!! :D life life life.. well hectic and a load of bull but hell work is interesting :) hows u been ??
whats happening this new years??!
U in SL ?!?!?!?!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Indya: no i don have relations here... i try to maintain a low level of communication in that local language here but im good with ma tamil though. i meant i had to travel to part of tamil nadu to go see ma relations.

LD: sure thing, your on top of é list for choc's don worry. hmm not much has been happenin, only wht stated in the blog, but its nothin match to the no of hrs i do nothin. sad of al i jus read im goin to miss the last beach party of sl... which is so freaking sad!!!.. arrrrrhh.. how was the short skirt trip?

Evil: good to have you bak man. hows you been doing?? did the time off do any good...?!?!? let us know wht u been upto...

Lady divine said...

hehee...the skirt trip was great!!:) i actually had a lovely time...u get real mangoes in that area and my boss and I were having a great time buyin mangoes on the way bk to Colombo and also eating them by stopping over....i really enjoyed it eventhough it was tiring..:)

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

good to hear that. oh mangoes.. cant remember the last time i savoured that.. seems like distant past!!

CCS-lover said...

When I read the line, I wear low jeans.. i somehow thought it would be followed by a story of how they fell off..


take care