Monday, June 12, 2006

~ dazzed weekend ~

woke up in the middle of ma sleep of rather second sleep, wondering what to do after rolling around too much in the bed and it was getting hot as well. so finally gave it up and dragged maself out of the throne(bed), after the usual morning chores, wondered what i had to do for the day as i made no plans previously, *ding* got a meeting at 1 remember, so had to go to office on saturday, which i never do, so privilaged and honoured, but dont know for how long. well picked up a ma package to be dropped before the meeting after office. went to office, nice to see an empty office, actually i prefer it that way, admist wht i go through 5 days of the week, man above in high heaven has decided to spare me for 2 days, thank him for tht.. got done with the last min prep for the meeting. dropped the package to a friend, had a quick chat, slipped to the meeting. on the way the stupid fone had to ring and embarrass me. i use to have a 6600, it was getting common every tom- dick- n- harry n jenny(blondes') ended up having it, so slipped it for an elite 6260, due to ma harsh usage managed to chip off the a key pad! so now im brought down to ma 2300, yes the lil butterfly model, so the guy whom im suppose to be having the meetings rings me to find out if im coming for the meeting, asked him to give me somtime will be there.. checked ma time.. oops im late. went there and it was over in a matter of 5 mins.. cant believe that he dragged me out of ma throne on a saturday for 5 mins meeting! was frothin furious but then something inside me asked me think of somethin sweet, ahhh ma sweet darling came to ma mind, wondering what she's upto. stood at the bus halt, wondering where to spend ma saturday afternoon at? hungry as havent food in ages, literally havent had proper food intake in about a month i think. so thinking of all the places, nothin comes to ma mind.

on the way home looking at the dark clouds and wondering would it start some rain and give me chill air? so i head home, pick up lunch at shop nearby, dropped ma pillows on the floor on the hall, switched on ma dvd player, slipped in a movie i bought over 3 weeks back didnt feel like it cos i as consumed by oc season 3 and x-men 3, i would support piracy to the fullest if they came out with good quality, but still piracy rocks. sat down, opened ma lunch, to find not enough curry! " i need alot of curry with rice" this is another day where i have to eat rice with less than visible curry. finished that, trying to stay awake.. but not, ma saturday evening nap consumes entirely and to find myself awake after couple of hours, movie has stopped playin and ma player has gone to snooze as well. hungry again. wondering what to do as it was too early for dinner. checked ma fone for any invitations or wake up calls, non! so happily rolled around for a while. was dark to turn on the light. started watching the movie from where i left, it was categorised as horror, found nothin horror about it than two hot grls in the movie, total JENNY*refer previous definition* finished that, ordered pizza, wait another half hour, walking around in ma balcony, found somethin, which im not goin to share! that kinda amused me and at the same time didnt wanna go to the balcony again. pizza arrives, im totally digusted by the sight of it, half cooked bacon, over roasted beef! complained to the manager.. wanted me to keep it as it is.. asked him to fly a kite as i was too hungry. calls me while im having ma half cooked pizza, to inform i wud get another pizza free with ma order.

that was about it no more drama, slipped on another movie. watched it in one time. time to get back to ma throne, was living all alone for three weekend and didnt do anythin which most teenagers would wanna do when their parents are out of house.

sunday wakes me up with a bright too much shine on ma face, took the piss off me. went on to morning black coffee, sipping ma coffee and switchin channels between split seconds and then later, ma mom decides to show up. had yummy lunch from ma aunts, which she cooked, i miss home cooked food! decide to go for a swim, ma usual sunday dip in the water, couple of lengths, rest of the breaths. getting the water off ma afro is a hassle, enjoyed the soup. headed home. for a peaceful dinner and then another movie. so thats about him. so s**** totally forgot why i started this, ma baby grl calls me from all the way in nz and i don recoginse her voice. well not ma fault entirely cos i havent heard her voice in 6 months. but then i didnt know where to stuff ma face, this happened on sunday morning. which the entire day i sat at home wondering how would i face her in real.. she calls to talk to me n i don recognise her voice. she is so badly goin to kill me. but i have a defense, ma smile, which she cant resist.. thts ma only weapon against her sweet innocence and everything about her.

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Sweet Idiot said...

interesting that you refer to your bed as the throne...hmmm...