Friday, June 09, 2006

~ care about you ~

this is something long over due, its a question which you asked me, but the answer to that is the meaning of our frienship. i dont know why this came into ur mind, out of the blue you asked me u cant find a reason why would i care about you so much and even trying harder. i put if off the that day saying don try hard, its somethin easy. well im putting down what i really want to tell you.

since day1 we met we were on the wrong books with each other, but as times went on we got to know about each other, u became friends with me when everyone else was not comfortable with ma language or general gesture. but i dont know what u saw about that made want to be my friend. but we progressed, through ma rough patches, through your rough patches. i knew how to handle ppl n problems my way when it goes wrong, but i couldnt watch u break down over a problem that you came across, even though u were strong, you blamed yourself for everything that went, thats when i came into being your problem, as im something u can handle and in front of you. im someone whom u can deal n put out all your frustration. like u never misjudged my anger and wanted me to control it, i was more concerned about you letting other ppl walk over me. everytime we use to fight, u wouldnt talk to me, u wouldnt answer ma txt, would keep everything to maself untill u would cool down about me. so i can blabber all again with you even though i wud have had the conversation with you in ma head.

there was everything i liked about you, i cant think of anything that i dislike about you. when you ended up caring for me and looking out for me when there was no reason to do other than a friend, i don think i need a reason to care for you. overtime we have grown up together now. but still i end up being the kid to you and you wud be the lil big sis to me. wonder to myself wht wud i have been without you! the track of life seems so blurr n dark to me. u made come out of my fears. the last few mins of the fathers' life, everything that is connected to that, going to a hospital. but there was a moment when i was scared of losing you, even though there was nothing that i could have done. something about seeing you was less painful than to never see you again. but all that is past now. that day is still so fresh in my mind, the sight of you lying on the bed, with tubes and needles stuck on you. just too scary and still freaks the day light off me. everything about you has a meaning and is special. everyday seems like a brand new day. everything you done for me is a miracle which i never expected. when u say friends were a season and they come to our lifes for a purpose, i use to think, i always think of only ur purpose, i wondered what my purpose in meeting you? two different ppl dont meet without a purpose. you've done everything that i can expect from a friend, you've given me your time, your attention, your patience, your wisdom, your simplicity.

there is so much of the couple of years we been together which is still fresh in ma mind. but everything is past. i still wish u were here, to be with me wht i'm going through so much. something which you wanted to see me change to, im doing everything with all my power and strength to break the chains and whom im today. everything owed to you.. guess now you know why i care so much about you....

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