Tuesday, June 27, 2006

~ fate of love or uncertainity of realism ~

"we come into this world crying, but we must make sure we go from this world laughing. The day we stepped in this world we had no idea what we were heading for. We are on top of the world when someone who means the LIFE to you holds your hand, but with the twist of fate that very hand is taken is away from you and then you feel that someone has snatched your heard beat away and you find it hard to breathe. I think of main purpose of our existence is for one another. We live life for ourselves but for others. I know the reasons why I have to keep my heart beat working all the time, and the reason is for someone else heart beat to run. Well we might keep doing that al our lives, like we are doing it now, but that very person will continue life like there is isn't anyone who's watching them that close. The best way is to tell that how you feel about her/him, even if your not destined to be together, they will atleast know that there is someone who wants to protect everybit of them. So my advise is to tell them and the rest is upto her. If you never tell they would never know and your end up fading away the thoughts with time, especially when they have a own family, so please tell"

this is the text message which I received, not in a single one, this is compilation for the entire string of text messages which followed on one night at a stretch. this is not somethin new to me, we have this kind of conversation very frequently and disturb the minds of others and then we have a laugh about this. this is from a friend of mine, who in many circumstances understood what I was going through a period of time. what strikes me is that, how ever much we love someone and even if they don love us back the same way we wanted them to, that feeling would still be fresh within us. through time, soul searching and painful loneliness i've brought back the sunshine in my life now.

everything that happened to me, happened early and too fast for me grasp the depth of it. its only after gone past me i've realized the gravity and intense of it. when i didn't want to lose someone again i took the first dive in expressing my feelings verbally, which steered major catastrophe. but passing over and all that im living n loving again. im happy again. i've found someone is dearly in love with me, never imagined that would come true, but only dreamed of someone who would love me for who i'm. im not all that bad, just a lil bad ;-) its understandable how everyone wants to be loved and cared for. but i've someone who only gave and never expected anything back getting hurt, i've seen who've used someone's love to get what they want. its hard to define a border or line and say this is it, for love we go to extents we believe we would have never gone if we were not in love.

so is it something wrong to be in a state of mind where you would do anything for love and not do it for yourself? i've asked the question a zillion times, well thts the excuse i've been using in the past, that i ddint have anyone to change myeslf for. its nice to experience a change and feel love flow through you. love can hurt n heal. depends who you give it to. not out of my personal experience.its something what i have seen. so with that love is within all of us, its fate n uncertanity about each other that brings two together or rip apart to nothin.

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