Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~ help ~

I'm creatively deprived at the moment, looking high and low for designs for inspiration for a website that I have to come up with. Deviant has some gr8 stuff, but nothing that i can really use to my taste. so readers (if anyone out there) please...suggest something.!!

Lame ass post i know, hell i'm gettin frustated that i can pen down outlines for the structure of the website!!



Lady divine said...

YOU're running out of ideas?

That I cannot believe.

Go somewhere.. sit by the beach and start thinking... :)

Lets do a brain storming session... the same crowd that went to Cheers would do eh?


Angel said...

Hmmm... how about a fairyland theme? Little sparkly stars and rainbows for added effect...

No? You sure?? :)

Resident Princess said...

Like LD said, go somewhere so you can think and get some inspiration! Good Luck! :)

santhoshi said...

lol angel

how about flowers and butterflies, or chocolates and roses :)

the beach i think is the best place to come up with something brilliant

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

LD: yes moi's drawin blanks these days so your regal based Tshirt is also on hold :(

Same crowd at Cheers wud do, how abt 2 weeks from now?

Angel: seriously?? hehehe i will surely keep ur fairy land theme in mind.. :P

RP: Thanks.

Santhoshi: u2? flowers? as long i'd have frequent hits and your going to be looking at totally opposite desisgn on the site against the theme.. :P hehe..

Thanks for the inspirations... beach it might be i think.. :D

Anonymous said...

DO SOMETHING FUNNN!!!! just go crazy get high smoke a joint, and if thats not your style just have good clean fun, like - i dunno do on kiddie rides or just go paint balling or something man. LAUGH. just get on an oxygen high. it'll open up the blocks.

here's a few links to a couple of design sites :) may help you along the way :

threadless is awesome btw :)

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Black: Taaaaaanksss... cant remember the last time i had clean fun.. :) maybe i need to let the stress out... n to wht i want to do ... *hugs*