Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~ questions and answers ~

He broke from the passionate lip lock, trailing his lips down to her chin, to her neck, as he slowly bit on her neck, a she responded with hers on his neck, very soon something that’s going to be questionable if he went out without high collar. Sighs and hisses of hers filled the room. Her finger nails gets more intense on his skin, almost piercing through, leaving her love marks on his back; his skin feels the burning sensation as she runs down on his back. His lips trailing further down to her neck, soft butterfly kisses on her collar bone. He pauses for a moment to catch his breath, her fingers rush to his hair to guide him back to her skin, his lips trailed even further down on her skin, down to her navel, his lips could not get enough of her skin and she couldn’t get satisfied enough with his lips on her skin for she wanted more of him as each second passed by. Their wet naked body soaked the bed; she could feel the coldness creeping on her back when she suddenly pushed him aside to roll on top of him. She sat on top of him, he thought to himself, second time on one day, he was laying there breathing heavy, his chest was heaving up and down and he was looking breathing heavy almost meeting his rhythm. Her hair fell in front covering her face, he tried to get up to push them back and she pushed him back to lie down on his back. She swung her hair back like in one go, like a in shampoo ad he thought, she ran her fingers through her hair and tried to fluff her wet hair, he rose once again this time he was in control of her, still on top of her she was about to fall on back when her reflex kicked in to hold him by his neck.

He sent both his arms around her to hug her tight; the water has almost dried off them, when he kissed a pearl of water on neck, she threw he head back, biting her lips and she drew him closer to her. It was as if they were one, her bosom crushed against chest, his pelvis almost as one with her hip. She began to grind on him, slowly at first, their lips once again locked in a wild battle to take over each others, he tongue pierced his first and he came back stronger with his. Her slow paced rhythmic movement against him turned her on even more; she broke off the kiss as she couldn’t take it anymore. She whispered in his ear with her hands around his neck, “I want you now”. He moved her away from him, looked deep into her eyes, his hand went to her hip, as he guided her to slowly lie on the bed, she ran her nail top on his arms, turning him on, tickling his senses, he came over her and covering the day light, he let his lips lay softly on her moist lips, she met his kisses like for the first time she was kissing a man. His hand moved to thighs stroking them softly, her hand now running around his neck, pulling out this thick curls and the other over his broad back to pull him closer to her. Her right hand slips between them, creeping over his strong abdomen and to guide him to the gateway to heaven. She sighed at his first touch on her. She wanted him more than ever now, there was no holding back and there was no going back. She moved against and under him, he weighed more than her, sensing she wanted to have control of what’s to come next, he lifted himself lightly but she used her left hand to pull him down on her. Lips locked, her bosom crushed against his heavier upper body, she was barely managing to breathe in-between the wild union of lips and crushed rib cage.

Their body moved in a perfect rhythm, she felt as though it was her first time, indeed it was her first time with him and one in a long time. Her feelings for her husband died the moment she walked into the bedroom finding him with another woman, what killed her more was that he was on the same bed each night with her. She felt the lost intimacy between them a while ago, she felt as though there was a drift, a wedge between them on the same bed, and now she found the reason for it. She closed her eyes to forget the pain inside her and wanted to enjoy the moment. He didn’t love her, but still somehow she wanted him out of all the men she could have had. Her nails dug into his skin making him groan at each stroke, he went deep into her, she groaned like never before, at least she didn’t remember the last time it was this way with a man. She tried to move him to get on top of him, but his weight never gave into her want, she met his strokes with a certain disappointment in her. He was too strong for her, but her womanly nature didn’t want to back down, there was nothing to lose, only to gain, she tried once again to shift position, to her surprise he rolled her over him, making him to sit on top of him. A loud squeal filled the room once against amidst the moans and sighs. She flung her hair back over her shoulder, he was watching her flushed face starting to show pearls of sweat on her fair skin. Her hands pushed down on his chest, she commanded him “stay down”. Her hands went to his shoulders to hold him down, but she didn’t know he let her have her way cause he wanted to, this time he overpowered and rose up to kiss on her lips, his fingers tenderly went through her wet hair holding them tight to keep her head steady against her movement, still inside her, she was on top, she wanted to give him all for she doesn’t know what might happen tomorrow. More than she wanted to give him, she wanted him for herself. She rose up against his body, slammed back on him, this made him groan the first time, the second, the third, when he started meeting her. She was going wild; she hasn’t felt like this since her first few years of marriage, during the early months of exploring she turned from a na├»ve innocent young girl to satisfied woman.

She was pushing against his strokes now, she was more wild with each second passing by, she was nearing her climax, when he felt he was about to give out, his fingers clutched her hair tighter, she knew instantly he was about to give out into her. She picked up her pace when she was reaching her climax, he was first to give in, he groaned loud, his deep voice showed a level she has never heard. She felt a gush inside her, she didn’t want it to stop, she was reaching hers and she followed him. Intense waves of pleasure, one after the other followed like the flood gates have been open, she sent her nails into his skin, she didn’t care if she had to stitch him after, holding him so tight against her, she let the flood subdue slowly, she now rode him much slower and finally almost came to a halt before she collapsed on top of him as he laid down on the bed. She managed to lift her head up from his chest, reached her lips on his neck and kissed from softly. His hands went to stroke through her hair and the other caressing the soft skin of her back. He was still inside her.

Minutes had passed, both hadn’t noticed until she managed to roll off him and lie next to him, almost his arms, when she rested her head and pulled up the sheets and closed her eyes. He closed and lived the moment. He had a question at the back of his mind, but this not the time. He tried to get up but her hands were around him, he turned to her side and closed his eyes. He woke up in darkness, didn’t know that time has passed to night. She had rolled to the other side; he didn’t want to wake her up, got himself out of bed and pulled the towel around him as he walked to sitting area of the suite. He looked at the contemporary clock hanging on the wall over his head, took him a couple of seconds to figure it was past 7. Stretched out his arms and tried to stretch his sleepiness out of him, he heard a familiar voice call out for him, “come back to bed will you”, and he turned around to watch her sitting up on the bed, naked, sleepy and messy, like she has been ravaged. He stood there with a smirk. He said “time for dinner darling and we have to get back to city as well”; she got up on her knees and stretched out her laziness, “what if I wanted to stay here for the night, would it be too much to ask”. He didn’t say anything to her, no question as to why. He looked for his phone, found it on the dressing table with a large mirror facing the bed, he remembers how she how she rode him and he was all the while watching it on the mirror. He started typing a message and he switched it off. She asked him “had to cancel your dinner plans with someone else?” he replied with a smirk on his face, “only dinner plans I have with you on the beach, get ready”. He walked to the shower and she followed him. Showered and freshened, he watched her get dressed in front of him. He presumed she had already planned this just in case, she put a string tieback with a open back blue dress, “just perfect for the beach” he thought in his head. “how do I look” she asked him standing there almost jittery, thinking to herself if she is pushing her luck too much with him. “just perfect” as he took her in his arms and kissed her softly. She pushed him away, “don’t get started now”; she came into his arms and kissed on his lips. Both walked out of the suite, hand in hand, walked to restaurant by the beach, she wasn’t interested in anything or anyone around; she kept looking at him all the time. She wasn’t too keen on the food, the breeze from the sea kept her senses alive, she was playing with his feet with hers. She felt a sudden chill as stroke of strong breeze brushed over her overly exposed skin, she felt that chill run down her spine and give her goose bumps.

He suggested they take a stroll on the beach, they finished dinner in an orderly manner, not rushing through anything. She picked up the desert in her hand, she said let’s take a walk, they walk strolling on the beach, she was twirling around and sending her dress fly up to her mid thighs, exposing her fair skin. She fell on him trying to spin around with the desert cup in her hand, he helped her up and she was trying to feeding him the desert. They came across an old washed up on the beach, she said “let’s sit down”, he sat down first on the log, feeling it too hard, he asked her to sit on his lap. She sat across his lap, feeding him another spoon. She kept the desert down, he asked her “too full to finish it”, and she replied giggling “I’ve been starving and no I’m not full yet” with a wink. “can we talk” she asked him a very soft tone, “yeah sure, what do want to talk about”. She paused, sighed and tried to get the correct words that were not coming easy to her at this point of time. She didn’t want to ruin what she was having, but she wanted to know. Finally calmed herself and took in a deep breath and sighed out slowly, slowly swaying her left to right on his lap, “what” he asked her. “ok, promise you want get mad at me for asking this” she let out a sigh once again, she made him promise and he did.

“did you love her” and she paused and closed her eyes and ears scrunching her face, she covered her face with her hands. There was silence between the two, the swaying has stopped and the waves dashing against the shore filled the air. He let out a sigh; she opened her eyes and looked at him, holding his face in her palm, “come on, you can talk to me about this”, he understood her intension. He began with a sigh to say..


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'He didn’t love her, but still somehow she wanted him out of all the men she could have had.'
Seriously, it's like you speak a woman's mind... And the question at the last- haha perfect way to end the chapter. Pure genius...

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