Friday, January 26, 2007

~ what would i do ~

been mising you ever since the network went dead on us
havent heard ur voice in 2 weeks, seems like a very long time
the early mornin wake up to ur sweet voice
now my mornings empty, just waking up without hearin ur voice
ur sweet innocence which draws a smile on me always, now only in my memory
waiting til you come back into my arms
to catch you looking into ma eyes
to watch you go blank, to put my arms around you n tell you that i love you

Been all crazy everytime i think about you
two weeks seems endless, thinkin about how long you goin to be away just makes me stare into emptiness
never waited for anyone like i've done for you
maybe the loniless is creeping inside me too much
wanting to be with every second, hopin i wud get more time with you
im sorry i've not given you all my time, somehow you've made me feel how much i need you
how much you must have wanted to be with me n i didnt give you time
makes me look stupid n not worth your time

made up ma mind that you'd be my everythin when u come back
goin to make it upto you ma lil baby love
thinking about all the times you'd get cute with me
thinkin about how much im missin when ur not around me
and when ur around me, the wy ur arms goes around me
the way u make u feel excited when i hold u in my arms
when smile innocently like a lil child

please come back sooon
waiting for you


Disease said...

Don't worry man she will come back sooon ! :)

Lady divine said...

That was really sweeeeeeeeeeeeet LS!!
where did she go? To NZ?

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Dis: Yeh she is.

LD: nah, very soon she will goin to nz though..

CCS-lover said...

hey hon..

how u doin?
Hope she gets back soon..

take care

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Muf: tankz.. I'm aight.. goin on. how u been? She's back now.

u2 takey takey..