Thursday, May 04, 2006

~ whats with looks and grls falling head over heals about them~

hmmm starting with something personal and controversial. not the all time blogger, just when i get sometime off or if i need to put something out of my mind get it to writing, lets call it another way of dealing with rage in ma system. back to the title, i've asked a couple of lady friends the same question and each of them had a different opinion, but im still wondering to myself if that would be the same case if they were faced with the same situation..

here's wht the ladies had to say to me when i shot the question at them..

muffins~ well it has nothin to do with looks, she believes in meeting a guy more than looks and totally wudnt fall head over heels looking over at a goregous, considers that a man has be matured, smart, romantic, understanding and her list seems to be endless, but somehow she has sunk the good looks to almost bottom of the list wandering away if all that can be in one man. well i'm still tryin to make her spill it that looks counts alot when it comes to in terms of making a impression, hmm lets say a spark to ignite the fire. so lost between what she had to say.

baby gurl~ most adorable and cuteness i've come across, she and i have been friends for sometime now, both live almost half way around the world, yet we find time to share our ideas our fights and thoughts. she was on the edge of both, looks doesn score some points but not always, if a person is shallow well nothin works with her at al. looks go way down to the drain. she believes in a man with quality and content than just shiny smile and bright eyes to sweep her off her feet.

ash~ looks are hell no on her list, like the rest of the above she wants a guy with lotsa things which sense in terms of conversation and opiniated thoughts, but wonder to which extent would all this be..

judz~ she had alot to say, we were having a mixed conversation on this, lost some of the points i guess in between. well had to add that looks does give the advantage, something about good looking man, she finds them confident. asked her what that exactly meant, she likes a man who is confident in himself that he is ready for her and would like to take her up for who she is, a hard one to put up with rather you can say (she might kill me for this now). she thinks its gives a head start to conspire a relationship or somethin like a jump start, but she says looks always fade away and the reality strikes her hard with something she doesnt like in a man, like a shallow personality or someone is argumentative over a simple opinion. needs a man who wud have a opinion and would also respect her opinion.

harsh~ well she happens to be like a big sis who my mother should have given birth to and had to give me all the spankin ma mom missed out on. literal sense she can cause tantrum in my mind more than in real, always have to be against, for some odd reason she happens to be right at the end, wonder sometimes why they call n search for miss right. i know she is more opiniated than anyone else i've met. knows all the secret about me, but never judged me, now hasnt got the time to give me an opinion. thinks im a kid off the path.. so till i hear from her this is goin to be blank" "

andiz~ Good looks matter but it's not the most important thing. it's a guys personality and confidence that counts the most. there’s no point if a guy is good looking and is a complete jerk!
But if he does have good looks plus a good personality then that's a totally different story, but this combination is the most impossible to find!I think what girls really look for is a guy who would completely and totally love her for who she really is and who wouldn't change a thing for anything or anyone in the world, a guy who would be there no matter what, a guy that makes her laugh when she's down and a guy who is romantic, sensitive and not afraid to show it!

well finally i get to say wht i want to say.... i simpy think its nothin as a whole, each one has a different opinion and thought towards it and how they would react to somethin like this. but somehow truth bites in the hard way and it does hurt. there is nothin tht i can say other to go out and explore more of the world and laugh at somethin like this...

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