Friday, January 06, 2012


I want this year to count. I've spend about the whole of last and my existence so far lounging I would say. Why this sudden guilt feeling you may ask! Enough of being a doormat or step stone for somebody else. So I've decided this year - 

Starting Writing more, at least one paragraph for a day (Day 6 - still not even one)
Save! - Not starve and save, but cut down on mac, expensive restaurants, clubbing & drinking.
Lose some weight, having told your cholesterol is above limit and given the family medical history, take a early warning.
Travel - See another country or take a holiday other than India, I haven't fully seen India either, but saying enough of aunts pampering food which makes you put on so much :) (all depends on savings)
Find a job that you love - enough having worked for corporate that foots your expensive lifestyle, you need to start thinking of a career or even a job that you like to do and not resent it every morning you wake up.

If by Dec 31st 2012 I have managed to do at least 3 of the above then this has been a good year for me!


Angel said...

Hurray for New Year resolutions... totally support the quest for health, wealth and happiness!


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Thanks angel *hugs*

santhoshi said...

I am sure you will achieve not one but all three LS! Goodluck!