Tuesday, December 06, 2011

~ end of 2K11 ~

So its almost the year end, my last week at work - I wont be seeing the desk or lack thereof in office until the 3rd of January in 2K12, starting this Friday. That being said, i need to decide if i should take a holiday (by that i mean to India) the one and only place i can afford on quick blink of eye, spur of the moment place to hop over to relax, or maybe not sometimes. This time I've got 3 weeks off, thinking what am i going to do there for that long! since i'm going to be alone and nothing interesting to do! so that leaves me with a dilemma of going or not! with the ticket prices going up everyday, i might have to settle for Sri Lankan airlines.

Enough about my mundane, how has people been? I don't write anymore, but i see a lot of people have dropped the post rate as well. Is life too busy for everyone or its boring like how it is for me. Nothing excites me anymore, why does everything feel like I've lived eons over it? I don't write anymore, even pen and paper doesn't give me inspiration anymore, all i can come up with is broken love. So I've actually given up on writing too.

I couldn't even write this on one stretch!

Year has been good, bad, couldn't get any worse (well i wouldn't count on that)..but i'm still here.

So to everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! this might the last post for the year!


Chamindra H said...

Good to hear from you Bro after a long time :) Happy Holidays !!
Cheers !!

Lady divine said...

I can' remember the last time I met you!! Lets meet up before you to (if) to India!!!

Happy hols to you.. I'm jealous right now coz I don't have any leave..



Angel said...

I've never been to India :(

I wanna go sari shopping in India!!

That said... what ever you decide to do, hope you have a great vacation!


santhoshi said...

Happy Holidays! Have a great December...

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Chami: Thanks dude, yes it been a long time.

LD: I'm not going this weekend, we can do friday if ur up for it, buzz me urgent.

Angel: You more than welcome to join me, going saree shopping myself(to be sold here ofcourse) :P Hows the lil one?

Santhoshi: Doesnt look like a good december so far :S