Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ Help - SOS - F1 ~

I dont know if im in the midst of quarter life crisis or not, certainly not helping me much, nor my mood, or not having any tolerance for bullshit or ppl pushing and shoving things at me (only was tried). So i jumped the gun once again, took my usual route of going to the avp at a level higher than someone who slotted himself in between in the corporate (bullshit) hierarchy with the prob the so who slotted himself came up with along with my immediate supervisor. dropped the words I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO QUIT IF I GET PUSHED ONCE MORE threat (not sure how it swings & thts a long story short). For once i was diplomatic, put everything on the table and made sure he got my point (frustration) and i was serious about putting the paper on the table and walking out. Was given alt options and routes to work things, but i'm not impressed. Since then, i've been looking for a hint of sarcasm or pushing / shoving from my immediate supervisor to type out that letter and sign and hand it over with a sigh / relief smile along with the frustration of the bills on the table in the back of my mind.

So im starting my backup plan, until i could find something stable, sending cv's to friends, head hunter's, basically as far as my finger tips manage to reach. So i thought why not reach out on the web, as a last resort - im out looking for freelance jobs in the lines of designing, writing. Two key areas which i can manage to do. But i dont have a qualification in one of them - writing and i don have credible work experience as such in both, although i went to a design school to study design. so if any of you know any gigs or temps that pop in ur head, please do drop me in on it, you'll can catch me on thegamelk@gmail.com if you require more of a formal resume of sort....

This comes as a desperation post of sort, hope i get through this week or make it to even a quarter life :)

Have a good week everyone..


Resident Princess said...

Hey Lost,
Tell me a little more about the specifics of what interests you. Maybe able to hook you up. Would need to speak to my contact though. Let me know.

santhoshi said...

Goodluck Lost. Will keep a watch out for something and drop an email. take care all will be well

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

RP: thanks. drop me an email if you could and ill mail you ma cv, with interest or lines of trade im looking for.

Santhoshi: thanks... :)