Saturday, July 25, 2009

~ pick one ~

ok, i've been very indecisive and lot on my plate at the moment, one step at the time is not going to work this time. :) before i go insane, can i get a vote on which one looks good as for logo for new brand to rock your town(Colombo for now)..

Please do let me which one shud make on the tshirt your going to be wearing soon.. :-)


Lady divine said...

I will give you my comments over chat..:)

What happened to the other options?

Disease said...

All of them look great Bro but since u asked to vote.. I vote for No: 4 and 7 ( when counting from the left)

Cheers ! =)

Angel said...

I vote for 7!

Dee said...


Gadgetgirl said...

I pick 10!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

LD: yes u shall :)

Disease, Angel, Dee, Gadgetgirl: Thanks.. 8 is the leading offline as well :) and they are fancy 4,7,10. Maybe i can use on different collection.. :)