Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ tribute ~

Here's something to the a few blogs that i love reading and first of my digital artwork ~
Lady Divine - A long time reader / skool friend / ....

Disease ~ been on the reading list for a long time..and has been gr8 with his words of wisdom

Black ~ a new artist / writer. this is for her army :P
More to follow for the readers or on request..
Hope you'll like it..


blackexists said...

i. LOVE. it.
I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!! :D super cool man! :) thanks so much! your definitely joining my forces army man! ;)
LD's one is all prettyful! hehe..

Disease said...

Hey Bro That's sooo
Freaking Awesome =D

Thank You So Much for this

I also have something I did for you which I really didn't have time to post will post it soon and let you know k

Thanks again Bro and if u need someone to talk just about anything always remember that I am there and buzz me anytime k =)

Cheers !


Lady divine said...


These are amazing!! I love mine!!:)

Now to get that tattoo...:) how about some designs for a small tat.?:)

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much.. I'm honoured my friend..:)

*big mega tight hug*

Just Chillin' said...

I have a blogger by the name of Rehani who constantly leaves comments asking me to change my blog's look.. I find nothing wrong with it :) but she seems to have a thing against it..

Judging by your artwork here, you really have an eye for graphics so please do take a look and let me know if my blog's really that bad? :D

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

black ~ ;-) hehe well i guess the whole idea worked out..

Disease ~ cant wait to seew wht u got for me!!

LD ~ yeh, will start working on it soon.

Chillin~ its not bad, could use re-modelling. any help if u need let me know. :)

black, Disease, LD ~ im glad you'll loved it. Thanks guys...

Serendib_Isle said...

Nice. I think Black would've looked nicer if the shield is reversed; making the whole thing a lot more black. Just a thought. ;)

Gadgetgirl said...

Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING Soul!!!!!! Good work. =D.

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

SI ~ not sure wht you mean by reversed.. left -right or top to down!?!?

Gadget ~ Thanks.. i need to think wht gadget i can put for ur name.. or do i go with purple socks??!?! wht wud u like?

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff! Wish I was still blogging so that I could get onbe for myself ! :(

Really NICE!


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Indya: Well you will still get urs. :P don you worry..stil figuring out wht wud work best for you..

Anonymous said...

Haha! How sweet!Lost,I was JUST KIDDING! Dont break ur head over it! Indy:)

Gadgetgirl said...

Wow! Lost soul. Your too good with the digitalness!