Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~ 6 months ago ~

Walking fresh out of the shower, tries hard to dry his messy thick curls, but fails. He gets himself ready for work in a haste and is out of the house, forgetting even to pick up his lunch. "Oh I can always eat from out" he thinks. Walks himself straight to his seat, a "HI" to everyone as he has to pass to get to his desk. Finally in his corner, before anything, logs into his messenger to look for that sweet friend who has been in company through his day and into her wee hours of her morning. As they both live half way across the world, a world apart from each other yet they feel close through technology he thought. His face a little saddened, he doesn’t see her online. With a sigh, he thought he’d wait a little while longer for her to show up, he said to himself "she should still be in college, not back home yet". He lifts himself up from the uncomfortable chair that has been giving him a lot of trouble with his spine and knees. Still disappointed that she has not showed up online yet, his fingers go to the keyboard to lock his terminal, just then he see’s a pop at the right hand corner of his screen, showing her nick name and status as online. A wild glee in his head, a sharp smile draws in his lips. Flops himself back to the chair, only to hurt his back again but ignores it. His fingers reach for the mouse but before he could even move his fingers, his screens blips with a chat window.

Crazy lil Angel: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *hugs*

Crazy lil Angel: How are you today?

Crazy lil Angel: Had lunch yet?

~the game ~: Hiiiiii lil angel… im good, how are you?

~the game ~: Just about to leave for lunch, when you hadn’t come online, waited for you

Crazy lil Angel: don’t wait up anymore, you go have lunch and come back, ill be waiting for you.

Crazy lil Angel: ill have my shower and be fresh n be back.

Crazy lil Angel: oh can he hand me the towel on your way out :P *innocent look*

Crazy lil Angel: oh could you bring me ice cream as well when you’re coming back from lunch

~the game ~: *hands the towel* go have a wash you stinky lil baby: P

~the game ~: *hugs* be back soon

Locks his terminal and leaves for lunch, wonders in his mind, what that about her that makes his day so easily, even during a hard one, she has been with him as a friend, listening to all his babble and what not. Walks away from his desk, reluctantly to get his lunch, he thinks he should be back soon. Rushes through his lunch to come catch up with his only friend, who would leave the rest of the world aside to listen to him and talk to him. That day he felt something more for her, he felt he was supposed to be more for her. But only to brush it away saying, there couldn’t be anything more than the deep friendship they both share and cherish so much. He kept his day and her nights busy with their baby talk; virtual cooking for each other, eating ice cream, talking about how both wanted to live together in the same house in different rooms. He shakes in all disbelief how could someone bring out this side of his personality, which he never knew it existed. He walks back to his seat, eagerly his fingers work on the keyboard to unlock his terminal, a blue blinking bar at the bottom of his screen. He opens up and it reads out:

Crazy lil Angel: I’m back.

Crazy lil Angel: u there?

Crazy lil Angel: wre’s ma ice cream!?!?

Crazy lil Angel: don’t you come back without the ice cream

Crazy lil Angel: *sigh* guess you’re not back yet

~the game ~: I’m back…

~the game ~: how you smelling now.. :P

~the game ~: oh here’s your fav ice cream

~the game ~: *hands you the ice cream and waits for a hug*

Crazy lil Angel: Thanks… no hugs for coming late.. :P

~the game ~: oh well then I guess ill leave you to your ice cream

Crazy lil Angel: no no… wait.. come here, sit next to me

Crazy lil Angel: can I ask you something?

~the game ~: *sits up next to you* sure thing hun, wht is it?

*She pauses for a few minutes*

~the game ~: wht is it?

~the game ~: waiting….

Crazy lil Angel: how much do you love me?

*with no hesitation or second thoughts in mind, nothing dramatic, nothing romantic, he replied*

~the game ~: *with arms wide open* I love you that much……

~the game ~: *hugs* come here sweets…

~the game ~: why did you ask all of a sudden

Crazy lil Angel: *hugs* just wanted to know if you love me enough..

*he continues, with no understanding of what has just happened, but only makes him smile in plain wonder, what has happened all the while*

A week passes on; it still hadn’t struck him yet, what has happened. He goes with his day, as if nothing unusual to say, they both love each other. Until one Saturday he seldom recollects out of the blue, her words in his head, "how much do you love me?" he wonders what she actually meant. Taking too lightly of everything, he shrugs off with his sheepish smile. His world turned upside down in the coming of days; she took control over everything of his. He was not allowed to party without a heated yet but sweet jealous girlfriend conversation. He was to save up for their future, get his debts out of the way. He liked the way she took over his life and day, he wanted someone to take over it, and he wanted her to be there for him through his thick n thin. He knew instantly that she was going to be one. He feared nothing any longer, his lonely days were over. She asked of only one thing from him, to be hers and hers alone. He wanted to be there only for her, promised himself, he his not going let this slip through him, he was to fight it through to the end.

With everything going so well he thought. He had shortened his Friday nights to be at home on the phone with her half way across the world from him, from her home. But she called where she was her 2nd home; she had spent a good part of her life being away from her real home. She knew going back home this time was going to be different, she wanted the coming 3 months that she is going to be with him to be longer. Both spent their time talking about the babyish, sweet innocent coy feelings they had for each other and how they wanted spend their lives together now, living together in the same room, same bed, sleeping in his arms, long cold showers tugged in his arms, fighting over who’s going to cook, silly little things that made each other so happy. It was all to special for him, for he had not felt loved and wanted by a woman like this, so far as he can remember. They’ve not even had the first kiss, not even a glimpse of each other in real since they started this relationship; but he can feel her warmth in her words, her sometimes soft spoken manner, and her usually fiery words for keep him on track. He loved it all; he loved her more than anything he can remember of. Their relationship bloomed over time over the tiny little blue window. He thought to himself, what would have been his days if they both never met, if they both hadn’t bump into each other years ago in a chat room.

He waited through the nights for his angel, he said to himself "the one that is going to redeem from all his sins, the one who is going to show him the light at the end of the darkest tunnel he’s been walking in". He had a deep dark past, his flamboyant night lifestyle, his choice of woman, his silly mistakes in life and his earthly sins, which she was all familiar and known of. He feared that he would let her down in any one of these, to which he would never forgive himself, "never ever in his life" he said to himself. He knew it all too well; this was the last chance he was going to give for himself in live. Everything meant to him, every little word from her and every want of her. He never showed her much of emotions. His flamboyant flirty talk, his witty ways of getting around woman in general, the worst of him – the best of him, had to be benched for her. He didn’t want to lose her for his ways. He’ll never forget his 21st birthday, a large cake in the shape of the key, for which had to give a blushing explanation to his mom from who it was. His laptop had a folder of filled pictures, he wasn’t hiding from her, he showed, this is girl who sent him the cake, from across the world. His mom only returned a smile. His world was coming together he thought, piece by piece. His na├»ve belief in life was coming back into his. He knew only one thing before - he wanted to anybody, but now – to be one for her.

Their future together was not how both had planned to be, he knew she was coming home for the holiday; he wanted to be there for her, to have the first embrace of her warm body against him. But there was another plan written for the days to come, a sudden business plan, his first break, and his first trip out of the island on work. He was more than ecstatic at what’s coming ahead for him, but she was didn’t want him to go; she knows he would be back in time when she is back in the island. She wanted him to wait for her not the other way around, but she doesn’t know if he would be back in the island before she comes, of even if they would have enough time together for them. He wanted to tell his boss, he couldn’t but she decided for him against that, she wanted him to take the temporary job overseas. He didn’t know long he would be away; it was open ended business trip. He packed his bag and he was away, his call from the airport – she had done something he had asked her not to; cut her hair short. She had done it to piss him off, she told him "I hate you so much right now, see your email". He rushed to office, first thing - rushed to his email, he long hair, was down to half way through, her face frowned in anger of leaving her having to wait. He promised her he’d be back sooner. He found her cute even in her anger, it only took him minutes to mellow her down, bring her back to not hating him for leaving her waiting for him, he promised "I’d be back soon, the very next flight once I’m done here".

He picked up a habit; he started to write about what happened in his day with her, only about her in the journal, he never told her he wrote about them. His lips always wanted to blurt he had something for her to read and maybe understand a little how much he loved her, how much he missed her, how much he wanted of her, but he thought to himself, "all too soon, and never to too late to tell her that he loved her"". By now she was back in the island, picked on to fight every day when called, why he left her waiting, every call had asking "when are you coming back?" and he only returned with "I don’t know, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never". She would almost slam on the phone on him but she wanted him to be there, missed him dearly. His days of being away from the island was over, he spoke no word about with her.

He picked on the very next flight back to the island. The first number he dialed for was for her, she saw his number on her phone and jumped out in pure joy, she cried his name in glee, he was only about to step out of the flight of stairs, his face smiled much simply that he should have, yet his self composed always had the best of him. They both talked through the night, all the way from the airport to his bed, finally he was home, he felt a lot more than that, his angel was back to be with him he thought. He couldn’t wait for the sun to rise and the clock to strike to the time they were supposed to meet. He waited for this for a long hard yet the happiest 6 months of his life, ever since she had asked him to be with her. He was up before the sun was, but her sunshine was up before him, he looked at his phone that never leaves his palm. 1 New Message – Wake up my baby boy, are you still sleeping? Don’t you want to see me… Can’t wait to see you. Jumped out of his bed and for a long shower, picked out his best for her, he wanted to be at his best for her. There he was waiting at the coffee shop they had planned to meet, where this time he was suppose to wait for her, fair enough he thought.

Looking at his phone screen, waiting for the seconds….


blackexists said...

and then what happened??????

You know who said...

Very sweet story Lost!You are getting better and better!

Gadgetgirl said...

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOST SOUL! You ALWAYS leave it with a suspence. Grrrr.. =P.

I simply loved it. Bless Technology in existence. Sigh!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Black ~ don't you see a continuation.. :P

YKW ~ hmmmm guessin.. :)

Gadget ~ oh well thts just me being evil to u readers... :P hehe

Cadence said...

Aargh!!! Lost!! what next?? Sadist! :P

Sweet though :)

Angel said...

What next, what next???? I can't surf the net for another 3 weeks... dammit!

Anonymous said...

No more stories...just becos I'm gone doesn't mean I'm not reading! Come on...

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Cadence ~ Sadist im :P hehe

Angel ~ ahh that explains the silence..well i've finished the 4th part, guess u wud read it in 3 weeks :(

Anon ~ Guess you know the ending to the story.

Anonymous said...

No son I don't!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Anon ~ im confused now!!! Care to come out of anon..