Wednesday, April 08, 2009

~ the days gone by ~

Don't think I’ve ever taken such a long break from writing, the last post shows, 3months ago; this is of a list of things that happened last year.  The New Year has been really a tough one so far, in all good ways. I was asked to come join another company. A decision which I may have done blindly or not though I wouldn’t know yet. But never the less it was decided that I called it quits with the company I’ve been working for the last 5 years. It was in a way lil hard in the last few days of cleaning my desk off and drawers which were always empty or with others stuff. But what I’ve learnt so far from the company, the ppl, the bosses, has been tremendous. I’ve never pictured myself as I corporate guy, heck I didn’t even dream of sitting on a desk and doing what I do best with numbers and a pc. But that has all changed over the years and how I’ve developed myself into becoming more resourceful and expendable asset to an organization. The company grew in size as in a way of buy over and merger, found myself to be a grain of sand on the longest beach. With all this I expected growth, a growth that was promised and some reason that had slipped under the carpet and remain unspoken of. I was very disgruntled at this, but never did I stop doing what I was supposed to do. So I remained there, until I found a suitable chance of moving out, and I did jump at the first instance I got. Which didn’t come easily, it was long 2-3 months process I would say. A lot goes for the global economic downturn, or so they say.

Now I’ve moved to a smaller organization. Comparatively, well you can’t actually compare cause the company im working for is less than the dept I use to be running back at the old office. So you can imagine how I might actually feel, there is a big hole left of how things worked and happened. But im trying to stay focused with my goals and try to pick up things on the way. I’m not saying it’s entirely not worth my effort in there, but I do have a certain way of working, which is not matched easily. Standards which I set myself too high always, working at a pace which normally higher than how a company actually works with all the red tapes, large corporate structure and all that comes along. I’m stuck in the mid –way thinking if it was the right choice. Well many didn’t advice against it, well I didn’t ask much though, I got the offer, and then I just accepted it and gave the news. The working hours are a big toll, but then again, I guess it’s a sacrifice I’ve got to make to get what I need. Since I’ve started working, which is closing to 2 weeks, I’ve had only 4hours of sleep maximum.

Not that its long hours, it’s the hours of work that makes it difficult. I’ve been working on UK project for the past 5 years, so which means I have the luxury of getting out of my bed really late, cause I have to work when UK works, so that mean I get to office only by 1.30 in the afternoon n drag till 10.30.. All that changes now, caused I’ve managed to get myself to work for the aussies.. Given that they are 5.30 hrs ahead of us, I have to give up my sleep, I have to start at 3 in the morning and go on till 11 in the afternoon. Hours haven’t changed, but the zone has. It’s still hard to find myself the proper sleeping pattern. I get a nap in the bus on the way back home actually. One of these days if you do see me sleeping somewhere along the road, pls do come say hi!

So I shall write more in due time with the tales of down under. Well not actually, I still live in the sl and have to work for them. What is the perk, I get paid in AUD(I haven’t got my paycheck yet, so hold it, what ever thought that came in the head), well not for long as they are trying to establish to pay in SLR, sucks kinds like. And I work on the 5th floor of the high roll apartment of Colombo ;-) but I still haven’t seen any hot one’s yet.. Maybe I need to pick another roster or move around the lobby maybe.. Hope I didn’t give out too much detail.. J

So until then, I’m still alive. A lot has been happening on the side, where I’ve become a certified bastard by any degree/classification I would say; well that’s what I’ve been to a close friend of mine. Don’t think I will talk about it at all. But just that I don’t want to say SORRY or even ask for FORGIVENESS. I’ve turned my back on someone who needed me the most and what’s done is done, I don’t know how else to put it.  OH I’ve been soooo inspired to write something similar to a post I read lately, not sure of the blogger, it’s something like bohemian …something! My jaws literally dropped at reading the post. I shall try my hands on that, but im sure I would never accomplish the style of writing. Jeez the post is too long; don’t think anyone would have gotten down so far.. me got to go now, wondering if I shud play on ps2 or watch new season of Heroes, or pen down that story. Oh and the post comes as request from someone, and SOMEONE, you know who I’m talking about.


Lady said...

erm.. it's me LD...:)

Lady said...

finally a post!

All the best with the job..:) and lets meet soooon!! we have a LOT to catch up on..:)

Indyana said...

Best of luck with the job! Glad to see a post...finally!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

LD: change of name..ah? hehe.. well thanks and yes we have to, too bad you left town, we cud have done it this week.

Indya: THANKS THANKS THANKS....hope ur having a gr8 holiday.